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This Guy’s New Year Trips: How we celebrated New Years

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This December end, all our trip leaders were leading trips in some beautiful locations and we took 100 people in five batches – to Auli, to Kashmir and to Andamans.
While Sakshi Pant and Harsh Chhadva lead trips to Kashmir, Neeraj Narayanan and Shazia Ahmed took two batches to beautiful Auli and Niyati Saxena lead a trip to Andamans.
Please find below some awesome pics from these trips, and hope you enjoy them as much as the trippers enjoyed the trips.
A. Kashmir batch (lead by Sakshi)
1) View from Pahalgam hotel room
Hotels in Pahalgam
2) Pahalgam town, as it snowed everywhere! Despite all the talk about the unrest in Kashmir, two of our batches went there for new years and it was absolutely peaceful
Things to do in Pahalgam
3) Gulmarg. The trippers went up the highest cable car in the country, and were overwhelmed by Kashmir’s beauty. We were also touched by the hospitality of the Kashmiris
Things to do in Gulmarg
4) Gulmarg. Snowfall can overwhelm anyone, and a lot of trippers experienced snowfall for the first time, and absolutely loved it.
While Kashmir was beautiful, it was sad to see that because of the terribly dwindling tourism, a lot of locals have been badly affected and people are desperate to earn some money.
5) Let’s make a human snowman, or snowwoman 😉
6) The whole team together 🙂
Must visit places in Kashmir
B. Andamans Trip (lead by Niyati Saxena)
1) Elephant Beach, Havelock Island. Aaj blue hai Pani Pani Pani Pani..
Elephant Beach Havelock Island
2) Swagger in Cellular Jail, Port Blair. Cellular Jail has a lot of history. This was where the Britishers imprisoned many freedom fighters, hoping to break their will and spirit. Veer Sarvarkar was one of the most prominent prisoners here, and today the Port Blair airport is named in his memory.
Cellular Jail Port Blair
3) Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island. Trippers getting creative  at twilightand spreading some love 😉
Radhanagar Beach
4) What’s a trip to an island if there isn’t any scuba diving in it! Finding Nemo with This Guy’s On His Own Trip. Check out our Feb Andamans package too.
scuba diving andamans
5) An aerial view of the stunning Andaman islands
aerial view Andamans
6) Nemo Beach Dive Centre, Havelock Island. Getting ready for the dive. Is scuba diving in your bucket list too? 🙂 This January we are going scuba diving in Bali as well, and in February in Thailand

Andamans scuba dive
7) The Andamans new year trip group chilling at their resort 🙂
Hotels in Andamans
C. Auli trip (lead by Neeraj Narayanan)
1)  Chopta. Trippers in the middle of a snowfall, in a trek created on the spot by the On His Own Trip team
Chopta snow trek
2) In the words of Markus Zusack , “a snowball in the face is surely the sign of a lasting friendship”.
snowfall Uttarakhand
3) The Chopta resort. It was classy, with big rooms, wooden and giving a European log cabin feeling.
Chopta hotels and resort
4) My dream is to fly, so high! We are doing Auli again from Jan 25- Feb 1. Do let us know if you would like to join.
Winters in Auli

5) Tungnath trek. One of the trippers got the Indian flag and we were all so happy, singing songs, and even though the trippers come from all over the country, speak different languages, have different customs, have their own food cuisines, yet on this mountain and these seven days, we were all united. We are all Indians first.

Tungnath trek
6) Gorson Bugyal trek, Auli.  Trippers having their own fun, creating their own moments..

7) There are so many beautiful places in the world. There is so much to see, discover, explore.

winter holiday destinations India
8) Planning their next snow trip?
Winter snow trip ideas
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