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Things To Know Before Visiting Nagaland

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Nagaland has always been a unique state of India. From their weird head dresses to their bizarre sense of wardrobe, from their excellent handloom to their queer taste in food, from their vibrant festivals to choice of trophies in the form of animals’ skull!! It is a land of colours, culture and traditions; and certainly this lesser known state is exciting place to explore.

So, are you up to take the offer of joining Nagaland tour packages to intimate yourself with the mesmerizing Nagaland.

Nagaland Hornbill festival
Nagaland Hornbill festival

But before you start packing your bags you should know some unique things about this unique place with to make your holiday more rememberable and enjoy its rustic, rural and peaceful surroundings to their fullest.

Best time to visit: October to May is the best time to explore the state as its winter during these months and Northeast during winter is beautiful in its own way. Activities like trekking and bird watching are some of the best things to try during this season. This northeastern state also is famous for its bonanza of blossoms. Between November to December cherry blossoms, February to March for apple blossoms, and March to April for peach blossoms. So, Which one you wanna see? Make your pick!

Transport limitations: The whole of Nagaland has only one railway station and an airport at Dimapur, Nagaland’s commercial hub. Because of this, roads are your best bet to travel across the rest of the state. You have to ask for the Nagaland State Transport (NST) taxi stand at Dimapur railway station where shared SUVs are available for 5 – 7 passengers at a time at the cost of INR 500-600.

Permits and Permissions: To visit Nagaland an Inner Line Permit (ILP) is required like a visa, mandatorily. Necessary for both, domestic and foreign tourists, alike, there is an online procedure to apply for an ILP via the official permit website. Make sure to do it before your visit to gain a smooth entry in the mountains 🙂

The Hornbill festival: Festivals have always been the best way of cultural representation in India. And if you want to know Nagaland in a cultural way, the best way is to attend the annual Hornbill festival of Nagaland. During the first week of December you will find here the Naga folks talking about history, topography, art, past and present lifestyles. At this time of the year you will also get a chance to meet many curious explorers just like you. This is one of the important Nagaland travel tips as, what better way is there to know something then experiencing it by yourself?

Mingle with the natives: The state is prosperous with friendly and open minded people, who are also very good in Hindi and English. Locals can tell you more about the place and its traditions than any other source and can also assist you in your journey.

Be ready to see weird food: In the markets of Nagaland you will come across insects and worms on, so do not freak out!! In addition, you will find many native Naga people eating insects. It is common in many northeastern countries so, there is nothing wrong in that. In fact, an insect-based diet is more nutritious. So, do not judge them on their eating habits and choice of food

Nagaland Food

Do not limit yourself: Nagaland is a vast and beautiful state in India, with the variety of things to explore from valleys to mountains. You have plenty of attractions and things to learn from this state. So, do not restrict yourself. Try exploring a lot of places in Nagaland. And do not forget to explore the village life and understand their tradition. In addition, make sure you visit places like Khonoma, Kigwema, Mokokchung, Kiphire, and Kohima. Exploring without restrictions is necessary to have the best experience.

Now, enough with the reading! So pack your bags and grab our Nagaland tour package to have a journey of your lifetime.

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