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Things to do in Mashobra

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Mountains on your mind but not in the mood for too many crowds? You want to go exploring but also just spend time looking out of windows at the pretty view? There’s Mashobra for a sweet, simple and yet gorgeous mountain escape.

How to reach: By flight, fly down to Shimla and take a local taxi. By bus also you can take a bus till Shimla and then take a taxi till Mashobra. Or for Dil Chaahta Hai mountain edition, take that much awaited road trip!

Best time to visit: September to April tends to have a good climate. In case you’re seeking out snow, then head over between mid-December to February.

And if you find yourself in this tiny hill station, here are some of the things that you can do!

Shali Tibba Trek

How about a trek to let the mountains know that you have arrived? No rushing, no racing, just go at your pace and keep going within the throngs of nature as you immerse into a trail of trees and forest cover in order to make your way to Shali Tibba. The trek starts from Khatnol village and takes you to an altitude of 9,422 ft. The perk of the altitude is the vantage point it offers for you to take in the 360 degrees view of the peaks all around you.

Shali Tibba Trek
Source: https://tripologer.com/destination/himachal/shimla-holiday-package-with-trekking/shali-tibba-2/

Reserve Forest Sanctuary

Speaking of trails that take you through forests, how about just heading to a forest itself?

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to trot amidst wild beasts and animals, heh. I’m only asking you to visit a bird sanctuary. Not only does it offer a pure feast for birdwatchers but it also is a serene spot for visitors to find a little quiet in the mountain green and oakwood scented air.

Reserve Forest Sanctuary
Source: https://traveltriangle.com/blog/places-to-visit-in-mashobra/

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Yes, that’s right! When in Mashobra, you can head out to plunge into the thrill of paragliding. After having observed the birds, it is your chance to touch new heights, quite literally. ? Take the flight to soar above the green valley below as you see the hills and the clouds creeping up to watch you get a full-blown adrenaline rush. If you haven’t experienced this adventure till now, you really should for it’ll make you feel an exhilaration of an incomparable kind. And if you have already experienced this, I’m guessing you’re itching to get another go! Also, if adventures have you all excited there’s also the option of river rafting at Tattpani! Get your adrenaline junkie game on.

paragliding in mashobra
Source: https://traveltriangle.com/blog/things-to-do-in-mashobra/

Presidential Retreat

When you were a kid did you keep thinking about growing up and becoming the President of India? Or even if you didn’t, I’m sure it tickles all of our minds a little to wonder about where the supreme sovereign power holder of the country resides during his vacation that too? Don’t expect to see him letting his hair down right in front of you but you can certainly have a look at the 1850 built structure. A mark of history, this retreat building stands atop Mashobra in the village of Chharabara. God knows we all need a bit of the mountain air every now and then, and it seems that includes the president!

4)Presidential Retreat mashobra
Source: https://traveltriangle.com/blog/places-to-visit-in-mashobra/

Wild Flower Hall

No no, I’m not just telling you to go stay in a fancy hotel! The truth is that Mashobra can cater to nearly every kind of stay that you’re looking for, from cosy homestays to luxurious hotels, from camping out to simple properties. The name Wild Flower Hall however signifies a lot more than just a hotel. In the British era, one too many lords had made this hillock perched property their residence including the likes of Lord Ripon and Lord Kitchener. It wasn’t just standing tall and regal enveloped by trees on all sides, it held a position of prestige too due to the standing of its inhabitants. However, it unfortunately burnt in a fire in 1993. Its reconstruction was made possible by the government in partnership with the Oberoi group of hotels. Today, this premier hotel houses a pool, a game room and just about everything one expects when laying in luxury. Visit here for a meal to eat away as you gaze at the overlooking views amidst the aura of what this place has once been.

wild flower hall
Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/create/bookmarklet/?

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