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Things to do in Kufri

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A large part of the Indian population grew up hearing about places such as Shimla, Manali and Kufri. These were the sought-after holiday destination spots for the longest time until other smaller hamlets came to be discovered. But you know how they say “Old is gold”? Well, I guess that could apply to holiday destinations too because no matter what, they’re still beautiful. So, let’s deep dive down the slopes of Kufri today!

How to reach: If you want to fly down, the nearest airport is in Shimla but the flight prices are expensive due to the limited number of flights. Meanwhile, if you enjoy road trips you can drive down yourself! Otherwise there’s the good old bus.

Best time to visit: If you’re looking for snow and some winter fun – mid December to February, if you’re looking to get away from the city summer heat – April to June

If you’re headed to Kufri, here are 5 things for you to do there during your visit:

Himalayan Nature Park

If you’ve left the city roads for spending a little time with nature, then why not throw yourself right into it in full swing? Throw on your shoes and get, set, hike! Trek up to the Mahasu Peak for sights like the one shown above. Although it is one of the highest points in all of Kufri, it isn’t a very challenging trek. In fact, the experience of the trek allows you to enjoy trekking through the thick cover of the forest trees. The top offers you a view of the Badrinath and Kedarnath Ranges peaking out above the clouds to say hello, you’ve arrived in the hills!

things to do in kufri
Source: https://www.tripoto.com/kufri/trips/kufri-paradise-of-snow-5979c7c19db7e

Skiing and Camping

If you’re itching to throw yourself into layers and layers of snow and that’s your agenda for visiting Kufri, then why not even give skiing a shot? Yesss, you needn’t know the sport beforehand, you can actually get beginner lessons here. Zip around, maybe slip a little but be cautious and of course, as you make your way down the slopes gently remember to laugh loudly! Remember the nursery rhyme, “Row row row your boat gently down the street”? So, I made a new one for you, “Ski ski ski in snow, gently down the slope!” Hah, in addition to this if you’re really pining for snow then how about camping out? But forewarning it can be painfully cold so make sure to be prepared thoroughly well, you will be rewarded with the treat of a snow-clad view!

skiing in kufri
Source: https://www.tourism-of-india.com/skiing-in-kufri.html

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Ah my dear adventurous ones, if skiing has you excited then wait because Kufri has more to offer! Tobogagging is simply sledging down the powdered white slopes while you scream away in exhilaration. The kid in you gets unleashed as you take a slide not in a park but in nature itself. And come on, you do remember oh what fun it is ride in an open sleigh? ? Additionally, a growing activity in a number of Indian hill stations is tubing. Its just as it sounds, you sit atop a big tube and slide down a hill but mind you it can be a fun yet bum-py ride. Ahem. If these activities have you excited then make sure to visit in the winter months, between mid-December to February.

tobogagging in kufri
Source: https://www.thrillophilia.com/things-to-do-in-kufri

Trek to Chail

What is it about a trek that makes the view that much more beautiful? Is it the fact that you tread up on your own to earn seeing a view? Is it that mostly the views it offers are lesser crowded because of this effort it demands? Or is it how you can get a little lost not just in the views but also in the noiselessness one can find in the hilly regions? Sigh, I can’t pick but I can’t get enough of it either. So, its time for another trek! Trek up the foothills of Chail to witness the green stretches which overlook white mountains with the Sun beaming down on them and on you.

treks in kufri
Source: https://www.yatra.com/india-tourism/activities-in-kufri/trek-to-the-hills-of-chail

Catch the sunset

And of course, there’s a time during every trip when you don’t wish to move or to rush anywhere. All you want to do is find a quiet spot overlooking a view. A place to sit down and read your book and when you look above its pages you see the peaks. A place where you let your music do the talking as you stare ahead. And how better can one experience this than during the golden hour of the mountain top sunset?

sunsets in kufri
Source: https://sunrise.maplogs.com/kufri_himachal_pradesh_india.229988.html

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