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Things to do in Diu

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Nestled amidst the frothy blue waters of the Arabian Sea is an unadulterated island known for its gorgeous beaches, captivating caves and Portuguese style buildings. Diu is a Union territory located on the western coast of India. Like Goa, it was a Portuguese colony for many centuries. You should visit this calm and clean island to get away from the hustle bustle of the city life. One of the best ways to navigate through this beautiful place is by hiring a bicycle. Here are few places you should check out:

Beaches of Diu

Beaches of Diu
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The white sand beaches are pristine and an ideal spot if you want to soak in some sun.

Nagoa Beach is the most famous beach in the town. The swaying palm trees add to the aesthetic beauty of the beach. It is also the hub of water sports activities including parasailing, banana rides, and water scooters.

Ghogla Beach is one the cleanest beach in Diu. A little secluded from the touristy crowd, this is the perfect place to enjoy some quiet time among the waves. Build some sandcastles, go on a romantic stroll, and watch the sun to descend beautifully.

ghogla beach
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Jallandhar Beach is another beach known for its sunset viewpoint and sheer beauty. The beach is named after the ‘Asur Samrat’( demon king) Jalandhar who was said to have slain most of his enemies on this very beach. There is also a carving of his head on the nearby mountains to acknowledge and please the might of the demon king.

jallandhar beach
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Diu Fort

One of the most important landmarks of Diu, the fort tells us the story of its glorious past. The views from the top are mesmerizing. You can climb up to the creek surrounding the fort and capture the beautiful blue sea. The fort also houses a lighthouse in its compound which is the highest point of the city. Spend some time gazing into the horizon. And then head towards the 16th century sentinel to have a look at the brilliant creations on stone and cannons which are well-preserved.

diu fort
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Naida Caves

The Naida caves lie very close to the Diu Fort and are a must visit on your trip to Diu. These humungous rocky caves are the true depiction of natural beauty with many picturesque spots. It is believed that the rocks from these caves were used for construction by the Portuguese and that’s how the caves got shaped. The caves have a bumpy and irregular ground surface and many interconnected tunnels to explore. These caves have a natural opening that allows sunlight to enter the caves, making it all the more photogenic.

St. Paul’s Church

If you have been to the Basilica of Bom Jesus at Goa, then you will find this church quite similar. St. Paul’s Church is the largest and the only functioning church in Diu. Dedicated to Lady of Immaculate Conception, its construction was completed in 1601 AD. The church boasts of rich wood carvings, splendid façade and a stunning architecture.

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