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Things to do in Berlin

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There are one too many reasons why one may end up visiting Berlin. It could be for its rich history which both devastating and intriguing, all at the same time. It could be for its just as rich night life which is said to be thumping and vibrant on any given day of the week. It could also be because you and me have these foodie bellies that are looking to be pampered with authentic local food from around here! Speaking of things the bellies love, there’s also the famous Berlin beer for my friend who relish a nice chilled one. And of course, there is the museums, the historical monuments and the endless sights for you to explore. Now if for all these or more reasons you find yourself in Berlin, then to get your trip started, here we have some suggestions for the places you can visit and the things you can do during your trip!

How to reach: You can fly down to Berlin from India with layovers in Warsaw or Paris or even the UAE.

Best time to visit: May to September

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Brandburg Gate

1)Brandburg Gate
Source: https://www.tripexpert.com/berlin/attractions/brandenburg-gate-vs-reichstag-building

This gate has had quite the interesting history much like the city it calls home. It once served as the premier landmark while in another period it found itself standing in “no man’s land”. Referred to as a symbol of division by the Lonely Planet, back during the Cold War era, today, it stands tall to be a reminder of the German reunification. It serves not only as the emblem of Berlin but also as the gateway for those looking to deep dive right into its history. Visit the gate and walk around to learn more about the times that it has witnessed and the tales it can tell you of this city.

Holocaust Memorial

2)Holocaust Memorial
Source: https://eisenmanarchitects.com/Berlin-Memorial-to-the-Murdered-Jews-of-Europe-2005

Visit here to see for yourself a mark of one of the darkest chapters of Germany’s history. Rows after rows are stacked in order for the remembrance of the Jews who lost their lives here during the Holocaust. Dedicated rooms such as Room of Families, Room of Dimensions, Room of Sites and Room of Names helps shed greater light at their plight. There are even recorded farewell letters and notes from the past. While we cannot even begin to fathom all that would have gone through at that time, this right here is a mark to remember their lives, their painful loss and I guess above all, to wish them well even in their death.

Museum Island

museum island
Source: https://www.afar.com/places/museum-island-berlin

A visit here is something that needs a dedicated day, all of its own. Designated the status of a UNESCO Heritage site, this region is home to not one but 5 museums! This includes the the Pergamonmuseum, Bode-Museum, Neues Museum, Alte Nationalgalerie and the Altes Museum. They all come together to make your visit here filled with art, culture and history. And we must not forget that they also fill up your day with a whole lot of beauty as you see the formidable architecture and remnants of Berlin’s past. To see these structures in the present-day landscape makes it a charming experience for the modern-day traveller. Remember that this right here is something that calls for a dedicated day of its own! So don’t rush it, take it slow and explore it at your own pace.

Charlottenburg Palace

4)Charlottenburg Palace
Source: https://www.private-guide-berlin.com/book-private-tour-berlin/charlottenburg-palace-private-tour/attachment/schloss-charlottenburg-charlottenburg-palace-in-berlin-germany/

The Charlottenburg Palace is a significant symbol in the city of Berlin. This is the largest palace in the entire length and breadth of this historical city. Its distinctively noted for its Rococo aesthetics. Elector of Brandenburg, Friedrich III was married to Sophie Charlotte. She was the one who took upon herself to have the construction of this palace commissioned and thus, it came to be named after her. Today, a mark of great architecture, it shows reflection of Viennese, French and Italian architecture, all under one roof. Beyond the palace in itself being formidable, it is also known for its ornamental gardens. The primly maintained and well-groomed gardens are said to be quite the delight as in the right season they come in full bloom. This adds a dash of colour against the off-white monumental structure, bringing them together as quite the sight for sore eyes.


Source: https://www.tripsavvy.com/things-to-do-berlin-mauerpark-4172878

Now as much as we love our share of history, in case you are looking for a place to just kick back and relax during your trip to Berlin, then head to Mauerpark. Actually, its relaxation made quite fun! How? Well, you can shop at the bustling flea market, you can grill a meal for yourself or grab one from some of the best food trucks found around here. Then you groove to the beats played by a live DJ to an audience sprawled across gardens or go ahead and pelt your own tunes by participating in karaoke! There are photo booths to click pictures and a number of street performers also come out here. This is the sort of place which you can credit for being where a city comes alive. Whether you are travelling with friends or you are on the adventure of a solo trip, here you will find many others who like you are just looking for a fun-filled and good time. So, go ahead and add that dose of madness to your Berlin trip by heading to Mauerpark.

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