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Things to Do in Bali

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Bali, one of the most famous tourist destinations of the world, is becoming a hot spot for all the honeymooners, explorers, relaxers, and adventurers. Despite the clamor and chaos of the main tourist areas, the island is rich in natural beauty, with attractions for every kind of traveler. This island is home to surfers for the legendary swells, hikers can trek up junglee volcanic peaks to misty waterfalls, and cyclists can bike through lush landscapes bristling with rice terraces and dotted with traditional villages.

And if relaxation is your top priority, the spa treatments and shopping in Bali are fabulous – and affordable. Spirituality also adds yet another layer to Bali’s allure, and the magnificent temples and sacred Hindu ceremonies are a treat. So here is the list of the must do’s in Bali:

Bali swing at Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Get thrilling feelings, adrenaline rush, unforgettable experiences and unique pictures! Imagine swinging and gliding on various spots over lush green forests, rice fields, river valley, awesome cliff view and much more.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces is a valley of rice paddies, located north of Ubud. The popularity of Tegalalang has increased tenfold since the world-famous Bali swings are now also located all around the valley. Do not miss this activity nature lovers!!

Sekumpul Waterfalls

Sekumpul Waterfall is arguably Bali’s most spectacular cascades with a collection of 7 tall, misty waterfalls in one area. These seven waterfalls each have their own beauty, form, and height that look extraordinary and makes these waterfalls as the most gorgeous waterfall in Bali island. One look at Sekumpul Waterfall and you’ll think you’ve arrived in the Lost World. The whole place is lush and green and the falls are huge, giving a pre-historic feel to the area. 

Where the air is very fresh, you can relax and escape from your busyness, of course, make you feel peaceful and all the problems lost!

Visit Diamond Beach

In Bali lies one of the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen! One that came straight from the postcards. Diamond Beach is an untouched, white-sand beach with silky blue water bay on the eastern tip of Nusa Penida.

White expanse, beautiful blue water, and palm trees on the foot of an enormous limestone cliff are the perfect description for it. Diamond beach in Nusa Penida Island might have the title ‘most beautiful place in Bali’ and therefore a must-visit!

Explore paradise Gili Air

From snorkeling with turtles every day just minutes from the beach, swimming in crystal clear water, scuba-diving at the dozens of different nearby dive sites, trying all the different cafes & restaurants, and marveling at the most glorious sunsets every night – you’ll certainly fall in love with Gili Trawangan!

White sand, turquoise water and bikes as transportation. Yes, Gili Air is car-less! Ok, the Gili islands aren’t part of Bali but you have to make it one as this experience should not be missed and you have to make it as a part of your Bali tour package.

Stay with a local family

Get to know the Balinese local life by staying with a local family. One of the things you must do in Bali is to get to know the island. Experience how the real Balinese people live their daily lives, help them do their work, taste the incredibly tasty food they eat, know the culture and hear some stories. After these days you will leave a lot of new friends behind.

Sunrise in Munduk

Bali is well-known for its paradise-like coastline, rice paddies, and powerful waterfalls. The mountains of Bali are where the real beauty of this island is hidden. Munduk is a quiet, cooler, green region, in the north of Bali far from the packed streets of Seminyak and Canggu.

Munduk is higher up north in Bali and the climate is more foggy and rainy, which makes it greener than near the coast. No matter if you’re a morning person or not, make sure to experience the sunrise in the Munduk region!!

Monkey Forest in Ubud

In the heart of Ubud is a forest without a fence where monkeys roam free. It is one of the holiest places in the area. In the confines of the forest, visitors can observe monkeys in close quarters going about their monkey business: mating, fighting, grooming, eating, and, occasionally, interacting with humans.

The big old rainforest is a beautiful walk and at some locations, the monkeys are relaxing or getting fed to keep them calm. Don’t worry, there are monkey police if they start to get annoying. 

Kecak Fire Dance

For those of you who have never seen the Kecak dance, it is one of the regular traditional dances of the island of Bali, which offer the concept of a dance drama. The Kecak dance is unique for its no use musical instruments to accompany the dancers. Instead of using the instruments, voice from the mouth is the dance accompanist. Apart from not using musical instruments to attend the dance, the number of dance participants is also huge. The average number of participants for the Kecak dance is about 50 people, up to 150 people, excluding the leading dancers. Furthermore, most of the dance participants are men.

The Kecak Fire Dance is a dance performance in Bali. A group of 65+ human vocals acting as instruments that strengthen a story told in the form of dance. Witness the dance at sunset on a cliff-top amphitheater at Uluwatu Temple or in the center of Ubud town.

Become a Canggu Foodie

Eating is basically one of the favorite past times people have as travellers! So let your inner foodie free in the food lovers paradise!! You would love scouring the latest brekkie hideouts, brunch spots, lunchtime staples and dinner finds and break down all the favorite foodie spots so you can be a total Canggu foodie expert too. Canggu has Indonesian food, burgers, fusion, vegan, and the best coffees and cakes. There are tons of delicious local Indonesian eats — which consists mostly of rice, veggies, noodles, chicken and beef.

Here, you can also find an extensive array of international cuisines: everything from sushi, authentic Italian, Thai food, Vietnamese and more.

Surfing in Bali

No matter if it is your first time or you are a real skilled surfer; Bali is for surfing! Surfing in Bali is most commonly known for its perfect barreling left-hand reef breaks, however, there is also a vast range of world-class right-hand reef breaks. The long list of famous surf spots means no shortage of waves for experienced surfers. Kuta is for beginners and loads of other spots like Uluwatu or Canggu for the more experienced surfers.

To the beginners or the experienced ones out there: Grab a surfboard, put on some sunscreen and you are ready to go!

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