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Things To Do In Agonda Beach

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Located in the picturesque village of Agonda, this palm-fringed beach is a delight for nature lovers. The beach stretches for a distance of 3 km and is perfect for those leisurely walks along the beautiful coast. You can spend many many days at Agonda beach living in a beach hut, sunbathing in the sun, gorging on yummy foods from the shacks, taking a dip in the sea and lazying around. But if you want to head out and explore different places, we have a list for you. Here are few things you can do in Agonda Beach:

Cola Beach: A very pretty remote beach which has just came into the eyes of insta-savvy people is Cola beach. Hidden by thickly overgrown hills, you need to cross a stretch of a rather rocky terrain before arriving at this natural paradise. Cola Beach showcases the natural beauty of Goa at its finest. Surrounded by coconut palm groves, this beach hosts a beautiful blue lagoon which is created by the flowing of the river into the Arabian Sea.

Cola Beach
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The lagoon is shallow, and you can go in easily and play in the water. You must try your hand at kayaking. Row the kayak and as you go in deeper, the coconut trees flanked on both sides form a natural canopy. The reflections on the water appear greener giving it a crystal, emerald look. There is a tree lying across the lagoon, like a little bridge, and you can row your kayak under it.

Butterfly Beach: There are offbeat beaches and then there is Butterfly Beach. The setting of the beach is such that you cannot directly drive here. It is in the form of a small cove surrounded by a thick forest on one side and the open sea on the other. One can get here via a boat from Agonda beach, or trek to it through the lush jungles surrounding it. The beach is a small stretch and is totally unexplored by tourists. From here, you can watch the playful dolphins or walk around with many colourful butterflies flying around you.

butterfly beach
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Cabo De Rama Fort: You can’t go to Agonda without witnessing the gorgeous sunset at Cabo De Rama Fort.  Cabo de Rama is derived from the famous character of Ramayana, Lord Rama. The fort is associated with a mythological legend that Lord Rama accompanied by his wife Sita stayed at the Cabo de Rama fort for some time during his 14 year old exile.

cabo de rama
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The fort is perched between the two famous beaches in South Goa – Cavelossim, and Agonda. From the top of the cliff, you can witness one of the most beautiful sunsets ever. The orange red sky with the beautiful sea in the background can leave anyone speechless.

Galgibaga Beach: Galgibaga Beach is considered to be the cleanest beach in Goa. With silvery sands, clear water and rows after rows of coconut and pine trees, this beach is the perfect place for the turtles that choose to nest here. Also known as the Turtle Beach, the whole northern part of this beautiful beach is used for turtles nesting and protection by the government. Other than spotting turtles, the beach is really amazing place for solitude and quiet, leisurely hanging out, swimming, and sunbathing in golden soft sand and warm tender Arabian Sea waters.

Galgibaga Beach
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Kakolem Beach: Kakolem Beach is a tiny and one of the most secluded beaches in Goa. The beach is hidden between tall cliffs and shaded coconut trees, making the place looks wild and beautiful. The unruly wilderness, the quiet and the mystical surroundings are a major lure for all who are looking for a unique and a serene beach vacation. What makes Kakolem a little unique and special among the other beaches in South Goa is that there is a waterfall, falling down almost the entire way down to the beach! The heavenly sea on one side and the cool splashing waterfall on the other side makes this beach tempting for everyone who visits.

Kakolem Beach
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