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Things To Do In Agatti Island

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Lakshdweep, located off the coast of Kerala, is blessed with miles of heavenly sun kissed beaches, devoid of the crowds, magnificent sand lagoons, and the beautiful expanse of blue water filled with serene marine life. The islands of Lakshadweep are beautiful inside out and their beauty is unparalleled. With the laid back beauty they provide an amazing experience for every traveler. Lakshdweep will leave a long lasting impression on you, without a doubt.

That is why On His Own Trip organizes Lakshadweep tour packages for five times a year, which is usually 4 – 5 nights long trip and it costs around Rs. 35,000 (excluding flights ).

The Agatti island is one of the most famous and beautiful islands of Lakshdweep. It has some of the finest beaches and the clean blue water let you see the colorful and diverse underwater world. One can sit here and enjoy the settling sun with peace.

Octomber to March is the best time to visit Lakshdweep as the temperarture drops to 30 degrees on the coasts. This year On His Own Trip is organizing a Lakshdweep tour in October. Be sure to grab a seat before anyone else to join us on this relaxing as well as energetic experience!!

All we are now talking about is peace, contentment, etc. But wouldn’t it start to get bored after a day or two?

Best time to travel and What to do In Lakshadweep Island

Agatti island can never bore an adventurous soul. The island have a plethora of activities to keep your body and mind hooked. Some of which are –

Scuba diving – Agatti island is famous for its rich and colourful underwater life which itself makes this sport altogether a different fun. There are hundreds of exotic corals at the shores of Agatti island which will make your dive absolutely stunning. The waters are also extremely rich with huge number of exotic fish species. Some experienced driving instructors will make you feel comfortable, instruct you well in advance before the actual dive, which will make your whole experience exquisite.

Snorkeling – Incredible place with calm waters, Agatti is among the best places in the whole of Lakshadeep to go for snorkeling. The shallow shores are full of colourful reefs and exotic underwater animals.

Sailing – Sailing in Lakshadweep is a thrilling experience through the pristine waters of Indian and Arabian ocean. You can explore the parts of Lakshdweep that attracts you. Sailing through the clear water with blue sky above you is a wonderful experience. The cool breeze against your face and the speed, all add to the excitement of the moment.

Glass bottom ride – Transparency is itself a quite beautiful thing. Glass bottom boat ride is a tour given in a transparent bottom boat on the open sea to watch the marine life. And guess what? You do not even have to get wet for this experience.

Water skiing – Shall we give some more boost to your adrenaline? So let’s get tied up to a boat through a cable and what next? SKII!!!!!

Fishing – This awe inspiring island is famous for fishing adventure. This incredible fishing spot shouldn’t be missed if you love fishing. According to experts here lies more than 2,000 different species of fishes. So, let’s find out which one you will get!

Kayaking or Canoeing – This water sports include paddling the Kayak or Canoe and to be free to explore the waters at your own pace . This activity is adventurous as well as recreational. It gives the fantastic view of the water.

Village tour on a bike – If you want to know something about a place, its culture, traditions what is a better place then the village. The locals show you the lifestyle and the living beauty of the island.

Relax and unwind – Nightlife at some of the Lakshadweep islands is a colourful lively affair. Eateries and restaurants are full of ravishing and zestful seafood that is so unique to this place. In the night, islands offer ambrosial vibes with extremely pleasant weather, scenic beauty and entrancing music. The island is full of amazing restaurants and eateries near the beaches – which will astonish you with their whole night dining experience.

Lakshdweep has everything you can ask for in an amazing and memorable honeymoon or a nice romantic holiday –  glittering water, shimmering sand, beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, adventure activities, lively food and warm locals. On His Own Trip provides you with custom honeymoon and holiday packages too. So what are you waiting for? Surprise your partner with a lovely trip to this gorgeous island.

Love to travel? Join the adventurous group to explore your solo travel. Contact own his own trip. Make new friends, spend nights under starry skies, lay on the beaches, and do much more fun with safety.

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