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Things to Carry: Thailand February 2020

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Glad you’re joining us for this mad beach trip! Here’s a list of things to carry and expect that could prove handy for you during the trip:

1) I assume most of you will be applying for visa on arrival. For the visa on arrival you would require the following documents:

a) Indian Citizen Passport valid for at least 30 days.

b) Return/onward journey air ticket for flying out of Thailand within the next 15 days.

c) Two passport size (4 x 6 cm) photos

d) Filled-in Visa on Arrival application form and Thailand Arrival Card. (This is provided during the flight)

e) Address of hotel in Thailand and booking confirmation. (We will be sharing this with you by next week) 

f) Funds of at least 20,000 THB or 700 USD per person. (The proof of funds is rarely asked but it can happen. Also, this amount has been recently revised in view of the exempted visa on arrival fees. Regarding expenditure, 300 – 350 USD or 10,000 THB is an average/safe amount. But as the visa on arrival guidelines require 20,000THB or 700USD you should be prepared accordingly.It is always better to carry a little extra money as backup.You can always convert it back to INR when you are in India if your money gets left after the trip.  

This is as per the Royal Thai Embassy. You can contact them with further queries pertaining to visa.

2) For the trip, also carry a copy of your passport, and a few p-p size photographs as precaution, just as precaution.

3) You can buy an international sim in India if you want, but it will be much cheaper to buy it in Bangkok or Phuket itself. At the Phuket airport you can buy a local SIM for 300THB.

4) It’s close to the equator, so the sun will be quite strong. Carry lots of sunscreen, sun glasses, caps/sunny hats, tees, shorts. The colour of the sea will be lovely, so there is potential for some great photos. So, carry whatever you want to wear.

5) Some of our hotels have swimming pools. So, do get your swimwear- trunks, costumes, cos we will be playing in the sea. Any beachwear that you feel comfortable in.

6). Flip flops/sandals/slippers.

7)  It would be awesome if you have a pair of music speakers and could get them. Could use it for our night party sessions.

8)  Beach ball/frisbee/Uno cards/playing cards/Taboo cards

9) Girls, we would recommend you carry sanitary pads/tampons considering how many women have irregular period cycles during travel.

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