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Things to carry: Spiti June 2020

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Glad you booked our Spiti May 2020 trip and we hope you are mighty excited. Thought we’d share a list of things to keep in mind, and carry for the trip.

As you all know, there is a day trek to Dhankar lake in Spiti. Even though the trek is not that arduous, it would be great if you can start preparing for it. You can do any physical exercise to build your stamina. We suggest you start running daily.

1. Please carry one photo id with address proof, one xerox of the same, and a couple of passport size photos.

2. Temperatures are going to range from 12 to 14 degrees during the day and will dip to as low as 3-4 degrees at nights.
Wear layers. It’s always better than wearing one thick jacket.
Please make sure you get a couple of thermals (both lower and upper). These will serve as your innermost layers. Sweaters that will serve as the middle layer. Carry minimum 2-3 for the trip, more if you want to be fashionable 😉 Waterproof/windproof down/fleece jackets that will serve as the outer shell to protect from cold winds.

3. Carry scarves, mufflers to cover the ears, and gloves, and woolen socks to protect all exposed areas.

4. Carry a good pair of sports shoes, or hiking/trekking shoes for your walks, hikes.

5. At high altitudes there is a higher chance of a sunburn so carry lots of sunscreen, lip balm, moisturizers, sunglasses, caps and hats.

6. We are trying our bit to make the planet a better place so we do not encourage people carrying or buying plastic bottles. It will be nice if you can each get your own bottle, and we can keep filling it up wherver we stay or visit.

7. Please carry sufficient cash for the trip (at least Rs 8000) because there are no atms in Spiti, except in Kaza. And in Kaza also, half the
times the ATMs dont have money.

8. Only BSNL and MTNL sim cards work in Spiti. Airtel, vodafone and the rest won’t work so if you really need network, make necessary arrangements. I suggest you disconnect from the world for this one week!

9. As we get to a higher altitude, there are chances of getting caught with AMS. So Diamox is a tablet that generally helps many to deal with it. Carrying that, along with routine tablets would be very helpful. A lot of our journey will be on ghats. If you’ve got traveling sickness issues, “Ondem 4mg” is a tablet that has proven to be very effective. Also, carry “Camphor”. Its something thats very effective when one feels their having issues with breathing.

The above mentioned are names of tablets that have been effective for many cases. If you use something else and find that comfortable, carry those.

10. Girls, we would recommend you carry sanitary pads/tampons considering how many women have irregular period cycles during travel.

11. Get any games you want to such as playing cards, Uno cards, balls, Frisbee.

12. If anyone has a pair of speakers, please get them. Will be fun to play music in the bus and in the rooms when we are partying.

Note : As mentioned time and again, weather will play a role in this trip. As of now, we predict that things will go perfectly, but in case weather holds us up somewhere or some of the sights get closed down, we expect you to understand that and not fuss or crib about the same. We shall go to the mountains and tackle whatever comes our way with a smile.

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