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Things to Carry: Nagaland May 2020

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Glad you’re joining us for our May Nagaland trip! Thought we’d share a list of things for you to carry or expect during the trip that could prove handy to you:
1) Carry either passport, voters card or aadhar card for the trip, and keep two photocopies of the same as well. Also carry two passport size photos.
2) Carry a good pair of shoes. Anything with a good sole. They will be your best friends during the treks. A good pair of trekking shoes will come in very handy.

3) If you suffer from motion sickness, please carry some medicines. The roads are bad in Nagaland, so just giving a heads-up

4) The weather will vary between 16 and 22 degrees. On the day we do the dzukou valley trek, that night it will be very very cold on top of the mountain. So carry one very warm jacket for that night, and for the rest of days,  it might be cool at night, so it makes sense to carry a light sweater and a light jacket. A windcheater will come in very handy.

5)  Do carry a torch each. It will come in handy the night we are spending in Dzukou.

6) Although it is the pre-monsoon season, it might still rain. Light rain showers are expected It will be good if you can carry a raincoat, or an umbrella. Otherwise, know that your clothes will keep getting wet.
7) Caps, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion always make sense on a trip where you are going to spend so much time, outdoors.
8) If you have a pair of speakers, will be great if you can get them. Feel free to carry playing cards, UNO cards, taboo, ball, frisbee etc
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