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Things to carry: Meghalaya September 2021

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Glad you booked our Meghalaya September 2021 trip and we hope you are mighty excited. Thought we’d share a list of things to keep in mind, and carry for the trip.

Covid-19 Compliance

1) Covid-19 negative certificate: As mentioned before, each individual joining us for this trip will have to undergo a Covid-19 test (RT-PCR). The negative result of the test, dated not earlier than 72 hours before the day of arrival in Guwahati, shall have to be carried along for the trip (Digital Copy). Please note, that you will have to send the certificate to us atleast one or two days before the trip start date. It’s a must, and no one will be allowed to join the trip if they have not submitted the certificate.

2) Carry a Covid Preventive Kit: A personal sanitizer, face masks and gloves. Do carry a small first aid kit. I will be carrying a first aid kit myself, but it helps if you are carrying one too.

Things to carry

3) Carry a good pair of shoes. Anything with a good sole. They will be your best friends during the trek, during caving etc. A good pair of trekking shoes will come in very handy.

4) The weather will vary between 12 and 30 degrees. Might be cooler/colder at night and makes sense to carry a light sweater and a couple of jackets. A windcheater will come in very handy.

5) Do carry a torch each. It will be very handy in the caves. IMPORTANT.  During caving, clothes get quite dirty in the mud, so it makes a lot of sense to wear some old clothes or something that you don’t particularly mind getting dirty/soiled that day.

6) Although it is the pre-monsoon season, it is still the rainiest place in the world. Light rain showers are expected almost every other day. It will be good if you can carry a raincoat, or an umbrella. Otherwise, know that your clothes will keep getting wet.

7) Caps, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion always make sense on a trip where you are going to spend so much time, outdoors.

8) This one might seem like an odd suggestion, but it will help a lot. We are going to be stepping into a lot of streams and waterfalls, If you want to do it without worry, without fear, I would suggest you get along a life jacket as well. You can buy it online easily on sites such as Decathlon. Again, this is optional, not a must.  Of course, if you don’t want to step much into water or streams and would prefer sitting on the banks, that is absolutely cool. It isn’t mandatory, totally by choice.

9) During caving, there is a fair bit of slithering and crawling involved. If you don’t want your elbows and knees to get scraped, dirty, scratched, I recommend you can get along a pair of knee pads and elbow pads. They are not available at the activity site, so if you want you can bring it along. Again, this is just for precaution, it is not mandatory.

10) Get any games you want to play such as playing cards, Uno cards, balls, Frisbee.

11) If anyone has a pair of speakers, please get them. Will be fun to play music in the bus and in the rooms when we are partying.

12) We are trying our bit to make the planet a better place so we do not encourage people carrying or buying plastic bottles. It will be nice if you can each get your own bottle, and we can keep filling it up wherever we stay or visit.

13) Girls, we would recommend you carry sanitary pads/tampons considering how many women have irregular period cycles during travel.

Any other questions, do ask away!

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