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Things To Carry: Lakshadweep March 2020

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Glad you’re joining us for the Lakshadweep trip! Here’s a list of things to carry and expect that could prove handy for you during the trip:

1. Please carry an original photo id when you come for the trip. It can be either your passport, your aadhar card or your voters id.

2. Please note that you cannot carry any alcohol to Lakshadweep. Anyone that the authorities spot with alcohol at Kochi airport, is straight away taken to the police station. This is routine procedure, as it’s illegal to carry alcohol to Lakshadweep

3. Agatti Island has only one air-conditioned beach resort. It has 6 cottages and we have taken all of them. Each room will have three trippers

4. It’s going to be very warm. Temperatures will be in mid thirties during the day, and early twenties in the evenings. The sea breeze will make evenings very very pleasant

5. Get tees, shorts, summer wear, dresses whatever you feel like.  Do get swimwear to enjoy the beautiful ocean

6. If you want you can get a life jacket and snorkel glasses. Both available in Decathlon stores. It is not mandatory, but if you want to enjoy the ocean, if you want to jump into the middle of the ocean from a boat, if you want to go into the sea at night, a life jacket will come in very handy. If you get snorkel glasses, you can snorkel whenever you feel like. As mentioned before, these are not mandatory, but we recommend.

7) Get caps, hats, sunscreen lotion, to avoid getting brutally tanned. Slippers, sandals and as mentioned before swimwear make a lot of sense.

8) If you have a Go Pro or DSLR and can get it, that will be awesome.

9)  Sims: BSNL works well in Agatti island. Airtel also works in most parts of Lakshadweep. Vodafone will not work.
For any other doubts, email us 🙂
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