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Things to carry : Euro Balkans May 2020

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Balkans May 2020

Glad you’re joining us for the Balkans May trip! Here are a few things you need to keep in mind (and in your bags) for the trip.

1) It’s summer so it will be warm. Carry summery dresses, shorts, tees, hats and those cool sunglasses 😉

2) Lots of places where you can swim, so do carry proper swimwear 🙂

3) The five island boat tour in Split was a huge hit, in our 2019 Balkans trips. The whole group went for it and everyone loved it. It’s not included in the package cost, and it will cost about 95 – 100 euros per person. It involves the island of Hvar, Blue Caves , snorkelling, mostly our own private boat etc. People brought their speakers so we even played Bollywood music in the boat and danced like mad. Do get your speakers if you can.


4) Makes sense to pack light. In many of these cities, we are living in the old town area, and some dont allow vehicles inside. So you might have to drag your bags a little. So pack light. Restrict your overall luggage to less than 20k.

5) If you want, you can get a global sim card from India. Or buy a sim once you are here. It’s cheaper to buy it in Europe. In Croatia, a seven day sim costs about 80 kunas (11 euros).
If spending an extra 1000-1500 is alright for you, you can buy a sim in India itself for convenience.

6) If you want to cut down on food costs, you can either carry ready-to-eat stuff from India. Even in the supermarkets in Europe you will get cheap ready to eat stuff.

7) It could be chilly in Plitvice in the evening. Makes sense to carry a jacket or two.

8) Do also carry a towel, because many hotels do not allow their customers to carry hotel towels to the beach or waterfalls.

9) On meals and drinks, you would be spending about 25 – 30 euros a day. Much lesser if you are also buying food from the supermarket, or carrying some ready to eat food from India. But carry only Euros. You can always convert into into local currency when you are there

10) Europe charging points are often two pin. Carry a universal adapter, multi – pin plug point for charging your phones and laptops.

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