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Things to Carry: Bir Barot March 2022

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Joining us for our March trip to the adventurous and pretty Bir & Barot Valley? We’re mighty excited to have you along! While we eagerly look forward to our fun in the hills, its also important to be well prepared to keep ourselves absolutely warm for our  trip.
Covid-19 Compliance

1. Covid-19 negative certificate: As mentioned before, each individual joining us for this trip will have to undergo a Covid-19 test. The negative result of the test, dated not earlier than 72 hours before the day of arrival in Chandigarh, shall have to be carried along for the trip (Digital Copy). Please note, that you will have to send the certificate to us by Feb 22nd. We recommend getting tested on Feb 21st to ensure obtaining the report in time, however, please confirm with your local lab in advance. This report has to be emailed to us on bookings@onhisowntrip.com. It’s a must, and no one will be allowed to join the trip if they have not submitted the certificate. In case you are double vaccinated you need not get the test done but can simply share your double vaccination certificate with us on the same email id, again this is a must. Also, please make sure to cross check your state’s requirements regarding testing and reports directly with your airline as these keep getting updated.

2.Carry a Covid Preventive Kit: A personal sanitizer, face masks and gloves. Do carry a small first aid kit. I will be carrying a first aid kit myself, but it helps if you are carrying one too. It is also advisable to invest in a PPE kit if you are taking a flight. A surface disinfectant is recommended too.

Clothing And More
Temperatures are going to range between 10 to 18 degrees during our trip. On the night of the trek at Rajgundha Valley, since we are camping out, the temperatures may dip as low as 6 degrees at night.
Here is a check list to be well-prepared for the trip:
1) For the camping out night at Rajgundha Valley please keep either a heavy jacket or a sweater that you carry in your backpack to pull out at night. In the event that the temperatures dip quite low as we’re camping out in a hilly area, we’d like you to be well-prepared. Another good practice is to carry 1-2 extra pairs of socks to keep yourself nice and toasty.
Luggage – You can carry a suitcase or a rucksack whichever you are comfortable with. This will be your main luggage. When we go for our trek to Rajgundha the main luggage will not be going with us. The main luggage will be sent to Bir via our minibus. So, for the camping out night we would only be carry small backpacks – with heavy jacket, water, snacks, extra socks, torch, sanitizer, toothbrush. So, for the camping out night you can simply keep a backpack the size of your laptop bag. Keep in mind that you have to carry this yourself, so, pack accordingly. You shall be reunited with your main luggage the next day!
2) It’s going to be partly sunny weather in Barot and Bir but one may find it somewhat nippy at night, thus, please carry clothes accordingly. A jacket for early mornings and nights is advisable. 1-2 sweatshirts would be a good idea for such hours. For other hours your tees and jeans, track pants, etc. will keep you comfortable in the pleasant weather.
3) For paragliding do carry comfortable clothing keeping in mind the fact that you’ll be wearing a harness and participating in an adventure sport.  Don’t keep something baggy as it will be windy. If you have trekking shoes, please bring them for our Rajgundha trek or else you needn’t buy them specially, a pair of sturdy shoes will suffice.
4) Don’t forget your sunscreen lotion and sunglasses.
5) Since we’re travelling by a minibus, if you have a tendency of getting motion sickness its advisable for you to take the requisite medicine for a comfortable journey.
6) We are trying our bit to make the planet a better place so we do not encourage people carrying or buying plastic bottles. It will be nice if you can each get your own bottle, and we can keep filling it up wherever we stay or visit.
7) Get any games you want to such as playing cards, Uno cards, balls, Frisbee.
8) If anyone has a pair of speakers, please get them. Will be fun to play music in the bus and in the rooms when we are partying!
Kindly, email your OHOT waiver form in time too. This form is mandatory to join the trip.

Looking forward to seeing you soon and having an epic weekend getaway together!

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