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Things to carry: Andamans March 2022

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Glad you booked our Andamans trip and we hope you are mighty excited. Thought we’d share a list of things to keep in mind, and carry for the trip

1. Please carry a photo id (Aadhar Card) for the trip as well.

2. It’s a group of islands and its close to the equator, so the Sun can be quite strong. Carry lots of sunscreen, sunglasses, caps/sunny hats, tees, shorts. The color of the sea will be lovely, so there is potential for some great photos. So, carry whatever you want to wear!

3. We have a swimming pool at our Havelock Resort. Do get your swimwear- trunks, costumes, and any beachwear that you feel comfortable in.

4. Flip flops/sandals/slippers.

5. Internet data has limited connectivity (Almost Zero). Airtel and Jio phone network work decently but not with a continuous stream. The hotel WiFi can be somewhat erratic too, best to let your loved ones know about this beforehand.

6. Girls, we would recommend you carry sanitary pads/tampons considering how many women have irregular period cycles during travel.

7. We would strongly advise you to carry your own water bottles. We should use less single use plastic wherever we can help it, so please carry your own bottles for the trip.

8. It would be awesome if you have a pair of music speakers and could get them. Could use it for our night party sessions.

9. Beach ball, frisbee, Uno cards, playing cards, taboo cards or any other game you have.

10. DSLR people, the sea looks gorgeous.

11. Lunches, Dinner, Scuba diving, scooties, Drinks and the new year’s party might cost approx 10-12K. So, make sure to carry cash accordingly.

12. Keep a pair of shoes for the Chidiya Tapu and Elephant Beach treks. Simple sports shoes with a good grip will work, these are very simple hikes.

13. Carry reusable plastic bags to keep your wet clothes in when we visit beaches.

14. Scooties cost approximately Rs 500 per day, plus Rs 100 for petrol. We would be renting out scooties for 3 days during our stay in Havelock (2 people can share 1 scooty).

15. Scuba Diving cost is between Rs 3500-6000 depending on the one you opt for.

See you soonest 😉

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