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The World’s Most Beautiful Train Rides

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Train journeys always bring a sense of nostalgia, no? Families travelling together or friends, carrying food, books and making the most of it. Across the world there are some places where the train journey is also exceedingly picturesque. Below are 5 of the world’s most beautiful train journeys:

1. Glacier Express, Switzerland

From: Zermatt

Destination: Sr.Moritz

Duration: 7 hours

Of course, when the name Switzerland is mentioned, your mind instantly goes to…? Drum roll please, the Alps! Regarded as some of the most beautiful peaks across the world, their sights can be enjoyed during this train journey. The journey may be short but it sure is scenic and fun too. Specially since it crosses 291 bridges and 91 tunnels!

Train ride in Swtizerland
Source: Flight Network

2. TranzAlpine, New Zealand

From: Christchurch

Destination: Greymouth

Duration: 4.5 hours

TranzAlpine, New Zealand
Image Credits: Instagram handle @westcoastnewzealand

This short journey takes you through a route presenting a chance to really see the Waimakiriri River. It passes through farmlands and stretches of grasslands for as far as you can see. It eventually culminates by leading you through a route letting you spot Arthur’s Pass, which is a national park. This journey is for the true-blue nature lovers.

3. Hiram Bingham Orient Express

From: Cusco

Destination: Machu Pichu

Duration: 3 hours

3)Hiram Bingham Orient Express
Image Credits: Instagram handle @solvetravel

This is one of the most expensive journeys across the world. Why? Because it connects two of the most sought after and visited locations in Peru, Cusco and Machu Pichu! Cusco is an ancient colonial city and Machu Pichu is a UNESCO recognized site preserving the citadel and heritage. The journey offers stunning shots of the Urubamba River. While on way they serve brunch and while return they serve a four-course meal dinner! Not just any train, eh? Sit back, take in the view and give yourself three hours to happily stare out the window.

4. Rocky Mountaineers First Passage to West Canada

From: Vancouver

Destination: Banff

Duration: Optional

Rocky Mountaineers First Passage to West Canada
Image Credits: Instagram handle @stuffedsuitcase

Unlike other train journeys, wherein you may be taking the train as you pass between two spots that you are visiting, Rocky Mountaineers is a trip in itself! This historic train route connects East to Wet Canada. They offer multiple packages, from 3 nights, 7 nights to even 12 nights. The journey commences in the snow-capped and stunning Vancouver, passes through a series of lakes in Shushwap Region and eventually leads to the breath-takingly beautiful, Banff, where if you choose to, you can spend a couple of nights. Banff is a resort town where Mt. Rundle and Mt. Cascade dominate over the beautiful skyline in addition to the Bann National Park. The journey is a plush one for you to relax and soak in the beauty in absolute luxury.

5. Rovo Rail’s Naimbia Safari, South Africa

From: Pretoria

Destination: Walvis Bay

Duration: 9 days

Rovo Rail’s Naimbia Safari, South Africa
Image Credits: Instagram handle @rovosrail

The Fish River Canyon, the Northern Cape’s vistas and the Kalahari Desert, are some of the key selling points of this train journey. The route is covered twice annually. This one too is not intended as a mere transit train. Here the train journey itself is the star of the trip! The luxurious rail treats guests from across the world to its bi-annual darling. Moreover, unlike other journeys, this scenic one offers varying landscapes almost every other day. This is a jam-packed journey!

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