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The Sweetest Anniversary Ever

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Our fifth story in the series #loveinthetimesofcorona and this one’s from the city of Somers (New York). Bob and Nancy Shellard have been married for 67 years.

Nancy is in a nursing home currently. And due to Coronavirus outbreak, visitors weren’t allowed inside the nursing home. And then came their anniversary.

In all these years, they had never spent their anniversary separate from each other. So Bob went to the nursing home, stood in the garden below with balloons and a hand made sign that said “I have loved you 67 years and still do”. With her fast fading memory, he wasn’t sure if she would recognise him from the distance. But as nurses helped Nancy stand, she waved from the second floor window and blew her husband kisses.

love in the times of corona

I feel so happy to see this love. In a world where everything is becoming instant, this couple together for 67 years are still so much in love.

Wish you both all the love in the world, and may you be reunited soonest!


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