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The Forest Edge, Tirthan Valley

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Imagine waking up to a beautiful view and stepping outside your room just to get a feel of cold breeze going past your hair or maybe watch the gushing river flow by. I guess this is something which the people living in the cities aren’t used to, but at Tirthan Valley, one can experience all of this.

Just reaching the valley can lighten up your mood like nothing else with the wet flowery smell of the meadows, the beautiful silence of the solitude, the river accompanying you, the eye-catching snow-capped mountains and the beautiful Himachali people. Tirthan is Himachal’s best kept secret and it surely lives up to your expectations.

If Pahadi getaways are your thing, The Forest Edge, Tirthan Valley is your ultimate stay. Play with furry mountain dogs and watch some incredible sunsets with the sky in the hues of orange and red.

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How to reach?

A drive to the valley is highly recommended. The roads are good and the drive is wonderful. The Forest edge is around 530 kms from Delhi. You can also take the overnight Volvo till Aut and hire a local taxi from there to reach the homestay.

Best time to visit Tirthan Valley

The best time to visit Tirthan Valley is from March to June which is the spring/summer season. The weather stays pleasantly cool and is apt for exploring flora and fauna, especially the lush green meadows and the apple orchards.

About the resort

Nestled in the Gushaini region of Himachal Pradesh, The Forest Edge is a quaint homestay which was built by local artisans and masons to keep the Himachali essence intact. The interiors of the room as well as the dining area are done really well giving references to Harry Potter, GoT, Tintin, Sherlock, cute doodles, making it a really cool place to hang out at. It’s a home that promises unforgettable comfort and immense attention to details that makes it aesthetically appealing.

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There are five rooms which are a balanced mix of earthy interiors and modern amenities to make sure that the travellers get all the comfort that they need here. Just throw back the curtains and the mountains are in your room!

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The place is a reader’s paradise and every corner has a theme!

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The property sits atop the cedar covered hillside at a close proximity to the Great Himalayan National Park and offers undisturbed views of the snow-capped mountains and the Tirthan River crisscrossing across the valley below.

The best part about the homestay is the Gazeebo where you can sit back, relax and interact with the guests here. The view from here is beautiful. One can sit there for hours, reading, listening to music, painting or dozing off to the sound of the river.

Great Himalayan National Park
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Ooh, and how can we forget good food? Well, during your stay, relish some scrumptious dishes prepared by the Super chef Rohit. You are sure to have fresh and tasty meals here. Do try the local delight Siddu, a dumpling of sorts served with ghee and chutney. And the cherry on the top, their desserts are prepared by one of the owners itself! So, who’s ready to dig in?

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For the book lovers, there’s a library. On most days, you’d find local kids sitting and reading or painting there.

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Lastly, their two cuties will steal your heart. Meet Gulab and Jamun. They might just be the highlight of your trip! ?

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