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The Best Places to see the Northern Lights!

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The Northern lights are formed by fast-moving, electrically charged particles that are emitted from the sun during a solar storm. These particles are driven towards the Earth’s Poles by its magnetic field, and their distinct colours are a result of the different gases in the Earth’s atmosphere.

It’s no surprise that glimpsing the Northern Lights tops most people’s bucket lists. How is it possible to travel around the world without seeing the enormous Northern Lights? The jaw-dropping light show of nature is an unmissable thing to see in your lifetime.Check out some of the best places in the world to experience the Northern Lights.

1. Tromsø, Norway

Norway is, without a doubt, the best place to see the Northern Lights on the European continent.Tromsø, being located in the Northern Lights oval, always provides the travellers with a good chance of Northern Lights irrespective of the sun’s cycles.Its 70-degree north location gives you fantastic odds of seeing the lights, while the abundance of cosy cafés and restaurants will keep your spirits up if nature doesn’t call. Svalbard and Lofoten Islands in Norway are also one of the top destinations to see Northern Lights.

norway northern lights

2. Fairbanks, Alaska

Located just two degrees below the Arctic near international airport and close to the impressive Denali National Park, Fairbanks is the best place in the U.S. to take in the northern lights.According to the Fairbanks Visitors Bureau, if you visit Fairbanks for at least three days between September and March, you have an 80 percent chance to witness the spectacular phenomenon that the Northern Lights is.

3. Reykjavik, Iceland

Located at close proximity to the Arctic Circle, Iceland is one of the best places on earth to witness this incredible phenomenon. The country gives you the opportunity for adventures like snowmobiling or super-jeep safaris while chasing the northern lights.This is the most affordable and accessible place out of all if you wish to see the northern lights. Admire the sweeping colours in all their glory from the water with a boat cruise or join a super jeep tour for an adrenaline-fuelled aurora chase

aurora borealis

4. Abisko, Sweden

The Swedish Arctic region is also a very accessible and relatively easy place to see the Northern Lights.Just like Norway, the Gulf Stream affects the climate and, therefore, temperatures aren’t as cold as in Alaska or Canada.Its location in the middle of the Skanderna mountain range creates the perfect conditions for light viewing, as the snowy peaks keep the clouds apart for clearer skies. Plus, the almost total lack of light pollution means even the weaker auroras can be seen here.

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5. Yukon, Canada

Northern Canada is a treat for those seeking remote, pristine wilderness. Many parts of Northern Canada witness the Aurora Borealis regularly, with the Northernmost territories and Yukon being some of the world’s greatest hotspots.Covering an area larger than Belgium, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands combined, to say Yukon has a lot of space is possibly the world’s biggest understatement. And with only 38,000 inhabitants, 30k of whom live in Whitehorse, most of that space is empty with virtually zero light pollution – bingo! Also, Whitehorse is the official capital of the Northern Lights in Canada, with a very high percentage of Northern Lights nights per year.

canada northern lights

Apart from the above-mentioned places, you can also witness the magical Northern Lights in Scotland, Finland, Russia. Before your trip, make sure that you take warm clothes, you have an Aurora forecast app, and you’re ready to enjoy one of the most spectacular natural shows on earth!

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