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Thailand in 12 pictures with On His Own Trip

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Of strolls on sandy beaches, sunsets in unimaginable shades of pink, swims in gorgeously blue waters and a nightlife that knows no end…welcome to the destination that has something in store for everyone…Thailand.

Phi Phi island

Of course, when in Thailand do as the Thai do, so instead of welcome let’s all say “Swadikaaa”..!

While club hopping is a popular trend, we find ourselves also drawn to Thailand’s other popular gem of an activity, island hopping.

Things to do in Krabi

Krabi and Phi Phi are both blessed with beautiful islands nearby. We spend our afternoons making our way from one island to the other on the charming local long-tail boats.

Chicken island

This little island is called Chicken island and looking at it I’m sure you know why! Come to think of it shouldn’t the one on it’s right be named Turtle island? Heh maybe someday we’ll get to name it so…..maybe!

And when on an island with corals as beautiful as the ones found in Thailand, what is the one thing that you absolutely must do? You guessed it right, snorkeling. The islands in this area have such stunning fishes and coral reef that during our April 2019 Thailand trip, even the non-swimmers made sure they tried the water sport every day! Not only that, we also tried something called night snorkeling. Why? Well, you get to see the glow in the dark bioluminiscent phytoplankton that way, that’s why! Thailand is one of 6 places in the world where this phenomenon can be witnessed.

Phi Phi viewpoint
Who doesn’t love Phi Phi? Phi Phi Don – one of Thailand’s most popular islands is a hub for everything – beach parties, laid back island life and adventure sports alike. Fun fact – even with its surmounting popularity the island has continued to function without any motorized transportation! So, we went about exploring this gorgeous little island and its many wonders on foot.

Sunset point

Island tours

Since swimming can leave you tired, you must plonk yourself on the rocks and sand as you soak yourself under the Sun.

Boat ride
Clicked by tripper Ankit Jaiswal who travelled with us to Thailand in April 2019.

But how can you conclude your day without watching a beautiful sunset?

Phi Phi Don

Catch it on top of a boat, while the wild winds play with your hair and the beach salt sticks to your skin.

Or catch a sunset as you take lazy walks along the beach because Thailand has some of the most beautiful sunsets, where you see the sky change colours, as blue skies turn to merge into shades of pink and orange hues.

So, if you’re looking for a reason to visit Thailand let me tell you that you’ll run out of reasons. Be it the water sports for adventure junkies or long walks on the beach sand for those in need of a chilled out break, whether it’s the peppy music flowing out of cosy cafes or the makeshift beach based discotheques for the party animals; it’s loud and quiet, it’s madness and calming…. all in one.

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