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Ten Reasons you must do Thailand with This Guy’s On His Own Trip

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1) Cos we cover some of Thailand’s most beautiful islands – Krabi, Phi Phi and Phuket.
Thailand On His Own Trip
2) Cos tropical island trips are not just about ticking off places. They are as much about seeing places as much about  lazing at beaches, lazing at resort pools, going for long walks on the island beaches and being part of the hippy backpacker culture that is so visible in the Thai Islands. Watch backpackers cliff jump into the ocean, and try the same if you dare  🙂 Hike up a cliff and seeing a magnificent sun set over the ocean, and take photographs besides. If all this appeals to you, well join us!
Maya Bay Beach
3) Is it your dream to scuba dive in a beautiful sea? Cos we know these beautiful dive spots in the ocean near Phi Phi and when you enter, its a magical world of colourful corals, a million fish of all shapes and colours zipping past you. Nemo, we want to see you!
4) Cos we shall be  going on the magnificent four islands sea tour in those trademark longtail boats that are there so many postcards and Instagram pictures. Between two of these stunning islands is a low Sandy stretching connecting them, in the middle of the ocean. At low tide you can just walk across. At high tide, it disappears and if you go across, it almost appears as if you are walking on water. The islands are beautiful, have great white sandy beaches and you can just walk all across.
Best Islands of Thailand
5) Cos even though people aren’t allowed to go to Maya Bay now (one of the most beautiful beaches in South East Asia) , we go very very close to it and also go Lo Sama bay – a hidden bay that is equally stunning.
Adventure sports in Thailand
6) Cos you really haven’t done Thailand, if you don’t stay for a few days at Phi Phi Don Island. And we are staying here for three nights. This island is an absolute delight with it’s hippy vibe, night beach parties and vibrant chilled out atmosphere. Also, the sea that surrounds Phi Phi is one of the most beautiful that I have seen. It is in several shades of blue, green, turquoise, emerald and more, and one can spend hours just staring at it.
Group trips in Thailand
7) Can’t really say you lived the island life if you don’t zip around in a scootys eh? In Phuket, we will be hiring these cool scootys and will ride to beautiful sunset points, and visit the action packed Soi Bangla streets at night.
Trip Calender This Guy's On His Own Trip
8) Cos we know these delicious street food joints in Bangkok, the glitzy night markets and most importantly where to shop!! We are well versed with the vibrant backpacker quarter and it’s clubs and pubs and we shall party there in the nights in Bangkok.
9) Cos our trips are about getting to know each other, and making new friends. Click a lot of awesome photographs, dance in a boat, on a highway, or on top of a mountain. Sit up till the wee hours of morning, go for Phi Phi’s famous beach parties and see hippies, fire eaters and dancers. Share a little bit of your life with someone on the trip, and get to know a little about them!
This Guy's On His Own Trip
10) Cos it’ll be the best trip of your life
Best beaches of South East Asia
Welcome to the slow life that is Krabi , Phi Phi and Phuket
Dates : Feb 15-22
To see our Thailand trip itinerary, click here!
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