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Ten Reasons why you must do Bali with This Guy!

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Gili islands

Our next Bali trip is from January 25th – February 2nd, 2020. And we’re giving you 10 reasons why you must do this trip!

1. We are going to the lovely Gili Islands for three days. About two hours from Bali, this island is seemingly in the middle of nowhere, green and blue sea all around. There is no motor transport on the island, and you can only move around by bicycles or tongas. Or by walking.

group trips

2. The beach is just outside the resort. Who does not want to spend a night lying on the beach under the stars.

Gili Trawangan

3. We are going to climb an active volcano. Less than ten percent of the people in the world have done that!!!

travelling with strangers

4. We are going scuba diving! We will see Nemo, and a thousand other fishes, turtles, manta rays in the ocean

scuba diving
5. Of all the trips I do, the Bali properties are the best, tastefully decorated hotels with swimming pools, huge gardens and the friendliest of staff.

6. We are going to eat, pray, love in Ubud. Actually, we can love everywhere, eat during meal times and pray in the pretty Balinese temples that are so intrinsic to Bali culture.


7. There is this lovely waterfall about 20 minutes outside Ubud we are going to. And of course, I am going to drag you in!

beach life

8. Bali is free visa on arrival. Zero complications to get one more country’s stamp on your passport.

9. In Kuta, Bali’s party hub, we are going to party till the wee hours of the night.

Kuta beach festival

10. Cos it’s Bali. One of the most beautiful islands in the world. Cos there are beaches to be walked on, stars to be stared at, waves to be splashed in, water and salt to be felt on our faces, conversations to be had, lives to be shared.

island life

Things to do in Bali

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