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Ten reasons to visit Auli with This Guy’s On His Own Trip!

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Here are 10 reasons you must do a (winter) Auli trip with This Guy!

1. Cos the snowy mountains, the mist, the fresh mountain air are calling and we have to go! We will be going to Auli, Chopta, Gurso Bugyal (trek) and Tungnath (trek), and we shall try visit the most beautiful locations in all these places.

Best time to visit Auli

2. Cos ‘unlike’ most travel companies, we head out in winter to see arguably one of India’s prettiest places, visually. And we see it in winter. When it is at its purest, when the Himalayan mountains have powder white snow, when the trees – the leaves and branches oaks and conifers have a whitish silvery tinge, the meadows are carpeted green and white – making Auli look like a magical fairyland.

How to reach Auli

3. Cos there is some beginner skiing for those interested, and of course a lot of snow battles and snowman making.

Skiing in Auli

4. Cos Auli is basically for travellers who love the mountains, who love snow and who love the peace and tranquility of the nature.

Places to stay in Auli

5. Cos we go to the highest man made lake in the world, and ride the second highest cable car in India and Asia.

Things to do in Auli

6. Cos we party in the big rooms in our cottages, or around bonfires on cold nights and a thousand stars smiling upon us from the sky.

best cafes in Auli

7. Cos you will wake up to hot tea, take in the morning sun, and later road trip with your new friends.

Accommodation in Auli

8. Cos it will be all about playing in the snow, about sitting on mountains and taking in the incredibly gorgeous panoramas, sitting by bristling icy rivers, conversing with friends, and spending time with yourself.

How to reach Chopta

9. Cos we will have warm rooms, cozy blankets, bonfires, and the nice big bunch of trippers all huddling close and talking till the wee hours of the night.

Places to see in Auli

10.Cos we saunter in the pretty valleys, sit around bonfires at night and gaze at a thousand stars in the sky.

Auli weather in January

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