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Ten Cozy Insta-Worthy Cafes In Mumbai

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Having a cafe culture since ages now, Mumbai is the hub for charming and quaint cafes, where you can sit and lose yourself in a good book, a great cup of local coffee and some excellent food. So, are you looking to escape the crowd and give yourself the much needed ‘me time’ that you have been longing for months to come? Well, you know you can have that in your own city, right? So, look no further and head to these cozy insta-worthy cafes tucked away in the lanes of Mumbai!

Prithvi Cafe

This cafe needs no introduction! The legendary Prithvi Theatre also has a cafe which is quite a hotspot for celebrities too. It is a place that celebrates all things art. Adorned with plants and pretty fairy lights, this beautifully done up space embodies the spirit of Mumbai. Talk about service, value for money, ambiance or taste, Prithvi Cafe leaves no stoned unturned to make you have the best experience in their abode. It’s an all-time favourite place for artists to meet up and brainstor m their ideas or in an otherwise bustling city, to just sit and read in peace or spend some quality time with your loved ones. If you’re wondering what to gorge on, we’re giving you a plethora of options because choosing just one was difficult for us too. Their must try dishes are Suleimani Chai (which is also Gulzar’s favorite), Chilli Cheese Toast, Kheema Pav, Hummus bowls, Rajma Chawal, Mixed Parathas, and Pav Bhaji. If sugar rush has taken over your system, call for an Excessive Chocolate Waffle, Apple Cinnamon Muffin, and the Blueberry croissant.

prithvi cafe
Source: https://i2.wp.com/delectablereveries.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/prithvi-cafe.jpg?fit=1000%2C624&ssl=1

Le 15 Cafe

Looking for some Parisian feels in the city? Head straight to Le 15 Cafe for the best desserts you’ll ever have and some lip-smacking thick coffee. With its attractive art decor, the cane chairs, and sophisticated simplicity, Le 15 is a doorway to Paris. A popular dessert parlor in the city makes for a wonderful slip for people looking for some solace and a break from the mundane daily routine. From their menu, you really need to be trying their cafe mocha, hot chocolate, cold coffee, and Americano. But it’s their special and signature pink latte that will make you keep coming back again and again. From the food menu, we’d recommend Grilled Chicken, Pork Belly, Chicken Burger, Asian Salad, and Veggie Pita Sandwich. Now coming to the desserts, which they are popularly known for, do try their oh-so-chocolaty and gooey nutella brownies, red velvet cupcakes and macaroons (their signature dessert!). Also, you can thank Pooja Dhingra, the founder of Le 15, for introducing us to the world of scrumptious macaroons!

le 15 cafe
Source: https://www.vervemagazine.in/travel-and-spaces/how-do-you-create-a-flawless-restaurant-experience-sumessh-menon

Grandmama’s Cafe

The mecca of cosy corners, cutesy decor and comfort food – Grandmama’s Cafe. Aqua-framed windows with lace sheers offer a glimpse into the quaint café inside. White painted brick walls with an assortment of eclectic frames, comfy sofas, and shelves with planters give it a very homely feel. What adds to this attraction is the coming together of American, Parsi and Italian cuisines under one roof. From awesome ravioli to shepherd’s pie, Kheema pav and Rajma Chawal, Grandmama’s Café has something for everyone. They also have the best Mac n Cheese in town. Head to Grandmama’s Cafe in Dadar and treat yourself to the long due refreshment.

grandmamas cafe
Source: https://lbb.in/pune/grandmamas-cafe-koregaon-park/

Garde Manger

Garde Manger is for you if you love plants, and all things green. Touted as one of the best cafes in Mumbai, the decor give out a non-pretentious yet chic appeal. Split into two sections, the outdoor area with its bicycle-with-a-flower-loaded-basket seems like the perfect spot to indulge in tea and snacks. Spread across soup, salads and mains, the menu also allows a DIY option to make your own pasta and salad from a set of pre-selected ingredients. Get yourself a Tuna Sandwich, pasta or grab a cup of coffee/tea, this place is just perfect for a quick bite while indulging in the best of the vibrant atmosphere around. The food is full of flavour and non-greasy leaving ample room for desserts and accompaniments. Do try their Quinoa Banana smoothie and Chickpeas Walnut Banana pie if your taste buds are craving for something unique!

garde manger
Source: IG Handle connoiseur_couple

Kala Ghoda Cafe

This cute little café with interiors of wood and exposed brick is the perfect place for you to cozy up on a rainy day. The café seats about 10 people in its main area, but a steep wooden staircase leads you to a cosy loft where another 4-5 find a place. Boasting of vibrant interiors with quirky artistically done up walls is located at the heart of Heritage Art District of Mumbai. It is is known for its sandwiches, salads, coffee, and hot chocolate. They also have a decent amount of healthy options, such as gluten-free “Desi Waffles”. Do try their Pesto Cheddar Melt, Chicken Cheese Salad Sandwich, KGC Chef’s Salad, Cappuccino, and Hot Chocolate.

kala ghoda cafe
Source: https://www.wsj.com/articles/kala-ghoda-mumbai-indias-emerging-art-district-1421856646

Leaping Windows

If the smell of books and coffee is what attracts and comforts you, then Leaping Windows is the place for you. This cosy cafe has two floors and a basement. The basement is for people who like to lose themselves in books. The other two floors house a quirky cafe. Aesthetically decorated walls with cartoons, comfortable outdoor tables and pleasant ambience are the highlights of this place. Get comfortable on a bean bag by the comic book station and order some chicken skewers and their Good Old Fashioned Cold Coffee. The café also serves you some draft beers, wines, and cocktails, in case you’re in the mood for something stronger than coffee.

leaping windows
Source: https://dishedoutt.wordpress.com/2015/09/13/review-leaping-windows-versova/


No matter how many new Cafes in Mumbai open up, Candies is Mumbaikars’ all-time favourite. is the one place that draws patrons from all across the city, sometimes even becoming the focal point of a weekend plan for those living far away. If you are one of the last people in Mumbai who hasn’t eaten here, we recommend trying any of their rolls, Dragon chicken/noodles or pink lemonade. Their simple chicken sandwich is also legendary. They also have an adorable gift store inside the cafe.

Source: https://lbb.in/mumbai/cafes-in-bandra/

Cafe Mondegar

Situated close to the Gateway of India in Colaba, Cafe Mondegar is one of those oldest cafes and restaurants in Mumbai aging more than 80 years. It was the first to house a jukebox which still attracts a lot of youngsters. The inner walls, ceiling and the entrances of the café are adorned by the famous Indian cartoonist, Mario Miranda’s murals and cartoons. The evenings here are more of the bar-like vibes and offer a jukebox to shake leg on some classic rock tunes. Decades have passed away but the Italian, Chinese & the Continental delicacies still boast of that rich ages old taste. Pollo Strogonoff, the Russian delight comprising sauteed pieces of beef served with smetana is one of the most popular food options one would love to have. You can also spend some quality time having Sauteed Mushroom with Chicken, Beef Chilly & Prawn Chilly with the Mumbai ka special, Shandy, which is a pleasing combination of Sprite & beer.

cafe mondegar
Source: https://www.whatshot.in/mumbai/cafe-mondegar-colaba-v-161298

Pali Village Cafe

The Pali Village Cafe is a charmingly rustic restaurant complete with peeling paint, heritage-tiled floors and Spanish guitar music playing quietly in the background. Just looking at it will make you feel it’s straight out of a French romantic film. Completed by lush, green plants, it’s the perfect place to try fine wines and relish their gourmet pizzas and hearty Greek-style salads. If you go during the breakfast hours, the French toast is a must-try as well as the mushroom stuffed rolls and asparagus. The prices on the menu are more towards the expensive side but it is totally worth it.

pali village cafe
Source: https://www.afar.com/places/pali-village-cafe-mumbai

Taj Mahal Tea House

If you thought this article is only for tea lovers, then let me tell you that we saved the best for the last. 😉 This one’s not just for the tea lovers but also the classical music enthusiasts, book lovers and artistic souls. Cocooned in a charming, old-worldly lane in Bandra, Taj Mahal Tea House is an old-school Indian tea cafe that is as blissful as it can get. Get comfortable in this vintage themed café with an Ajwain Mint chai and a Parsi bun maska or a baked Irani omelette. They also have a great selection of books to choose from for you to read while sipping on your favourite cup of chai.

taj mahal tea house
Source: https://www.tajmahalteahouse.com/pages/taj-mahal-tea-house
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