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Tales from Norway: Captain Nero’s hike to Norway’s highest plunge waterfalls – Vettisfossen

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On way to Vettisfossen

A trip can’t really be done, if there is no waterfall hike in it. And we chose the best waterfall (and hike) to do it in Norway!!

Norway blues

The Vettisfossen waterfalls is Norway’s highest plunge waterfalls (with a free fall of 275 metres). It is tucked inside a mountain, in the stunningly gorgeous Jotunheimen National Park. This national park has Norway’s two highest mountain peaks, dozens of waterfalls, rivers, glaciers and has got the most scenic hiking routes, tempting trekkers for years and years.

Hiking in Norway

We started our trek from Hjelle and almost throughout our way, a river ran parallel to us, blue as blue can be. From time to time, we crossed adorable little farms and all of these provide accommodation to trekkers. A few milch cows stared us down for walking into their territory but let us pass without incident. I guess These Gais were on their own trip.

Vettisfossen waterfalls in Norway

There were rickety rope bridges, and lush valleys, all enthralling and enchanting us. We crossed small waterfalls and a couple of big ones too. What was beautiful to see was entire families with very young kids on the trekking trail, walking, bicycling. It was also incredible to see people in their seventies and eighties hiking. Scandinavians, you totally have my respect.

waterfall bridges

When we reached the falls, it was half hidden behind a protruding mountain face but you could see, feel, sense, smell the spray as it fell a glorious 275 metres down. A stream sliced the mountainside and we had to get to the other side to get close to the falls. While other backpackers enjoyed the view from afar, we decided to find a way right to it’s pool. If there is a waterfalls, I will reach it , somehow, anyhow, whatever the cost.

Norway's highest waterfalls

We slithered over rocks, and clambered over rocks. We jumped rocks that were separated by a few feet, and the water threatened to take us in if we missed our step. Our shoes were wet, and our hearts beat loudly but the waterfall had seduced us completely. We slipped on the slopes and on lichen and on crumbling stones.

waterfall hike

Things to do in Norway

But finally, we managed to reachvery close to it. and what a sight Vettisfossen is. We saw a lot of beautiful sights in Norway, but Vettisfossen falls and the trek will probably rank the highest for me.

On his own trip

You have to see Vettisfossen if you are in Norway.

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