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Snow Sports In Auli

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Auli is undoubtedly one of India’s prime locations for all things that spell snow! Looking to just sit cosily and take in the view of snowy peaks? Head to Auli! Looking to try out snow sports and get a rush of adrenaline? Head to Auli! This Uttarakhand based destination has earned itself quite the name, not just thanks to it’s beauty but also thanks to its quality when it comes to snow sports. So, if you;re looking to venture into this yourself, read on to know more.

Snow sports Auli
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Best Time To Visit: December to March. If you’re headed here in search of snow make sure to monitor the weather forecast of that particular year, connect with locals and then book your specific dates within these months. Typically, you can expect snow sprawled over the region in this period.

Snowboarding in Auli
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Auli has been hosting a Winter Sports Festival over the course of the last few years. This festival sees sports such as skiing, snowboarding and even ice-skating (when the artificial lake freezes). The participation in this festival is not just of Indians but also of enthusiasts from other parts of the world. Such events go on to speak to the credibility of the trainers found at Auli and their expertise in what they do.

If you are new to the sport and are looking to learn skiing or snowboarding then every winter Auli offers courses with durations’ ranging from one week to months as well. The more time you dedicate, naturally the more you get to learn of the sport. As high on adrenaline as these sports may seem, they require tremendous discipline in order to put yourself out there in freezing temperatures and devote the necessary hours day in and day out. But well, only hard work could result in something like that, right?

Cost: A one week long course costs approximately Rs.22,000 per person. This includes the equipment, ski lift passes, accommodation, basic meals and a qualified trainer.

Meanwhile, if you aren’t sure about learning the sport rigorously but want a taste of it, you can simply take the one day beginner activity. It costs just Rs.600 approximately and allows you to learn the basics of skiing as you slip, slide, giggle and make your way!

We have trips to Auli every winter. If you’d like to join us for the same some day, do get in touch! 🙂

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