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Six Must Try Dishes in Nagaland

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There is so much so see and do in Nagaland.  The roads are bad but once you get to Kohima, check out the war cemetery, go on a trek to Dzukou, visit its many bars and cafes.

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Naga food is mostly non vegetarian, smoked or boiled. Here are some of the tastiest Naga dishes that you must try on your Nagaland holiday!

1. Smoked Pork

Nagaland is one of the highest consumers of pork in the country, and smoked pork is synonymous with the region. Usually crispy on the outside and juicy and succulent on the inside, smoked pork is made of small pieces of pork tossed with dry spices or cooked into a gravy with local ingredients. Spiced with bhut jolokia (raja mircha) and served with boiled vegetables on the side, smoked pork makes for a wholesome meal.

Smoked Pork

2. Samathu

Pork can be cooked in various different ways and one of them is cooking it with Axone or fermented soybean. If you are the spice freak, you have to make it a point to try samathu! It results in a thick stew that has hints of chilli to make it spicier and more lip-smacking. A signature dish prepared by the Sema tribe in Nagaland, they have this authentic, flavorful curry served to you with a plate full of rice.


3. Bamboo Steamed Fish

This is a very simple yet popular dish that can be found on almost every dinner table in Nagaland. The bamboo steamed fish is cooked in less spices and is best enjoyed with steamed rice.

Bamboo Steamed Fish

4. Akini Chokibo

An exotic dish prepared in Nagaland, it is made from snails as the main item and perilla seeds, roasted and grounded, added to it. A bit of fat from pork and Axone is also added to this dish which is enjoyed with rice and boiled vegetables on the side.

Akini Chokibo

5. Boiled Vegetables

A humble but important side dish in Nagaland cuisine, this consists of boiled spinach, beans, carrots, Colocasia leaves, radishes and slight seasoning of salt, chilli and lemon. It is served with rice and pork stew on the side.

Boiled Vegetables

6. Black Sticky Rice Pudding

Made from the area’s distinct black sticky rice, is actually good for your health and can even be consumed by diabetics.

Black Sticky Rice Pudding

7. Zutho

A famous beer which is made from fermented rice, Zutho is popular amongst the Agami tribes of Nagaland. With its sour taste that goes well with most pork dishes, Zutho is a local beer that is enjoyed by the population and should be tried out once!


A Typical Naga Meal:

A Typical Naga meal

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