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Sham Valley Trek

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Maximum Altitude: 12795 ft

Duration: 9 days

Difficulty: Easy

There are few places in our country which have become the must do’s for everyone. From beach hopping in Goa to river rafting and bungee jumping in Rishikesh, we want to tick them off from our bucket list. To be honest, these places are amazing and deserve the attention they get. One such place which tops the list is Ladakh.

Whenever we think of Ladakh, our mind goes to the beautiful blue Pangong Lake or to the cold desert of Nubra. We might think of driving through Khardungla or visting one of the famous monasteries there. The adventurous ones think of going for the Chadar trek. But if you want to go beyond the regular route then Sham valley Trek might be your answer.

sham valley trek
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Sham valley trek is also known as the “baby trek” of Ladakh as it is one of the easiest treks in the region. It is considered a good trek for beginners and for those who have shortage of time. You already know how stunning Ladakh is. Now imagine a trek devoid of any tourists. A trek through small mountain passes, streams, shady willows and barley fields. A trek where you will be crossing some of the beautiful villages in Ladakh. A trek where every landscape is postcard perfect!

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treks in ladakh
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Starting from Likir village, the trail goes through the relatively unknown passes of Phobe La, Chagatse La, Tsermangchen La and Mebtak La. It will be you and the colourful prayer flags on these high passes. The views are always spectacular from the top. You will visit Rizong Monastery. Perched on top of a mountain side valley, this monastery was established hundreds of years ago. It is said that Guru Padmasambhava meditated in the caves around Rizong. There is a different calmness in the air.

likir village
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You will be tempted with some amazing walks to few of the remote villages in Ladakh. You will cross Hemis Shukpachan – located among a grove of cedars this village is considered one of the prettiest in Ladakh. Then there is the charming village of Ang which is famous for its apricot orchards. These villages give you an opportunity to familiarize with the locals who have kept their customs and ways untouched by time. You can stay at family owned homestays to experience the unique Indo-Tibetan culture.

Hemis Shukpachan
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The Sham Valley Trek binds one’s heart and soul with an unparalleled phenomenon of nature and culture. You will come back with a smile on your face and a bag full of memories.

Best Time to Visit: May-September

How To Reach: Drive from Leh to Likir which is just 58 km. The nearest airport is Leh.

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