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Seven Things You Must Eat In Your Sikkim Trip

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Going to Sikkim? Oh, it’s a lovely place. Must visit the stunning Gurudongmar lake, see pretty Pelling, and walk on the mall road of Gangtok!  And while you are in these places, here are some local Sikkim food items you can try!

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1. Phagshapa

Pork fat cooked with radishes and red chili; meat eaters will love it. It is very healthy, as no oil is used in its preparation.

Phagshapa2. Gundruk

This is for the vegetarians. It has raddish leaves, cauliflower cooked with spices and tomato sauce. This is also very healthy.

Gundruk3. Sha Phaley

Shya is the meat, and the Phaley means bread. These are semi-circle fried bread which is stuffed with a variety of meat, according to your choice.

Sha Phaley4. Sel Roti

It is Traditional Nepali handmade, round shaped sweet bread. It is prepared during festivals.

Sel Roti5. Momos and Thukpa

Although very popular in other parts of India as well, you must have this Tibetian origin dishes when in Sikkim. Very healthy and tasty.

thkpa momos

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6. Niguru with Churpi

The Niguru is a local fiddlehead fern and its tendrils when light fried with Churpi (yak cheese) form an irresistible dish.

Yak cheese is creamier and higher in protein, fat and nutrients than cheese made from cow milk.You will also find yak cheese candies, or cut cubes of hardened cheese for locals, mountaineers and sherpas to suck on.

Niguru with Churpi7. Dal Bhaat

The Sikkimese population love their share of Dal Bhaat as their everyday meal. You’ll find this everywhere else in India, but when in a mood to have a simple and light meal, what better than a comforting plate of Dal bhaat.

Dal Bhaat

8. Chang

Chang is the locally brewed alcoholic beverage, made from millet, served in and sipped with the help of a bamboo pipe.


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