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Seven reasons to do Tirthan Valley with This Guy’s On His Own Trip

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Seven Reasons why you must do the Snowy Trip to Tirthan Valley with This Guy:

1. Cos you’ll get to see and play in a lot of snow. You can build a snowman for yourself, you can pelt the other trippers with snow balls, make teams and have a battle, take a dozen snowy pictures in colourful jackets and more.

Things to do in Tirthan

2. We are visiting the pretty Jalori pass and trekking to the fozen Serolsar Lake. Locals believe that birds around this lake don’t allow even a single leaf to float on the lake, lest it disturb the placidity of the lake. Makes you want to see the lake even more, right?

Tirthan best places to visit

3. We’ll be going to a small himalayan village and mingle with the locals, play with the kids and pet few doggies. 🙂 The entire town is colourful and has a warm inviting vibe to it. Welcome to the slow life!

How to reach Tirthan Valley

4. We are going to stop randomly on the mountain roads and break into dances whenever we feel like.

Best time to visit Tirthan

5. Cos we are going to sit by a lake, sit on a mountain, sit by ourselves and absorb the beauty of it all, and the silence that talks to us. And at other times, we will take a hundred photographs and freeze a lot of memories for ourselves, and with the new friends that we made on this trip.

Best places to visit in India

6. Cos we are staying in the gorgeous mud house hostel.

Accommodation in Tirthan

7. We are going to stay up nights, play loads of games, have conversations and more..

Tirthan Valley in January

This three day trip starts and ends in Delhi!

We are doing a Tirthan trip this January 10-12! Click here to see the trip details.

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