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Sethan Valley

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Home to the prettiest of valleys is none other than our very own Himachal Pradesh. You’ve probably seen a lot of those “either or” posts on Instagram. A number of them crop up multiple gems from Himachal Pradesh and it really doesn’t come as a surprise because honestly, there’s so much to explore within one of the favourite mountain children states of India. Today, we are looking at its serene Sethan Valley.

How to reach: You can take a bus from Delhi to Manali or alternatively reach Manali directly and from there Sethan is just 12kms away, so, you can easily hire a local taxi.

Best time to visit: February to March (if you’re interested in the snow activites and the igloo stay)

Sethan is comprised of a Buddhist village shortly ahead of Manali. Offering you views of the every so dreamy Dhauladhars and the Beas River below in conversation with the mountains, Sethan can be found draped in dollops of snow resembling sundae scoops even well within March! So, if as the onset of summer approaches, you’re seeking an escape or you’re just not ready to give up on winter yet, then you know where to head! In the peak of winters this is thus an ideal skiing, snowboarding and snow hiking site. A relatively lesser crowded option than the exceedingly popular Solang Valley.

how to reach sethan valley
Source: https://gramho.com/explore-hashtag/sethan, Instagram handle @timssyv

Make sure to carry a sturdy pair of shoes because there are different trails to visit around here. And let me tell you from personal experience that without solid shoes in snow, it can be a topsy-turvy slippery experience. That maybe enjoyable to your friends but I’m not sure it will be to you yourself! ?

In addition to adventurous layers, the sundae of Sethan is also made with a scoop of myth. 2 kilometres from Sethan is Pandu Ropa where the Pandavas are said to have stayed and meditated prior to the period of the Mahabharata. The place is held in reverence by the locals to this day. At a further distance is Indrasana Peak denoting the peak which was the throne of the God Indra.

Nomadic shepherds or the Gaddis were the first modern day inhabitants of the Sethan Valley followed by the present Buddhist farmers called the Khampa tribe.

Now let’s throw in one more charming factor. Have you ever stayed in an igloo? If you have then, wow, but I’m guessing most of us haven’t and have known the concept of staying in igloo as just something that we read in books when we were kids. The igloos of Sethan have become so popular that it has become synonymous to igloo village!

things to do in sethan valley
Source: https://www.weekendthrill.com/product/snow-experience-manali-igloo-stay/

The fairytale snow structures step out of a number of stories to be your home ahead of Manali.

Average Cost: Rs.4,000 – 6,000 approximately

The cost includes 3 meals, some of the snow activities and an experience of watching a movie at night in the middle of snow! Are you picturing A Midsummer Night’s Dream or Home Alone or the good old Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? The last one is not for any correlation to snow but for the sheer love of true Bollywood fans! So, grab a hot cuppa to warm your freezing fingers and let the lights, camera, action, unfurl. Gaze at the stars, have a warm conversation between the cold and live that childhood imagination in reality.

In case you’re looking for pocket friendly options, there are camping options and homestays too for the laidback traveller who simply wants a taste of the place.

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