On His Own Trip

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Radhika Kulthia

Radhika Kulthia first joined us for the Valley of Flowers trek in August 2019. Neeraj and Niyati were both leading the trek, and the trio became thick friends super soon. They would be racing up the trekking route, and over those meandering trails, rickety bridges, gushing streams, they discussed dreams, careers and life. Within four months, Radu was offered an internship at OHOT and on Jan 1, 2020 Radu officially joined the On His Own Trip Team.

Young Radu spearheads the Ops team at OHOT. In April 2021, when an emergency prevented Niyati from leading the Tawang trip, Radhika stepped in to become trip leader. Despite contracting an eye infection on the trip, she did not let the pain deter her. Much to our happiness, the whole group helped and supported her, and they had a successful trip. In August, she lead the Kasol Bunbuni trek, and the group had a fabulous time. Our little kid is blossoming with every experience.

It is impossible not to adore Radu. It takes very little to make her happy, and her bright madcap behaviour makes everyone grin, laugh and hug her.

Ever since 2021 started, Radu has been busy gallivanting across Tirthan, Dharamshala, Bir Billing and discovering their hidden gems. You can find her on the prowl to abduct all furry mountain dogs, laughing with her whole body, taking on unexpected adventures and befriending each and every stranger she comes across!

Watch out for: Passionately talking about food and eating up enormous amounts, Giggling incessantly and Travel stories from around the world!