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Places you can do Canyoning in India

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What is canyoning? If we talk in the simplest terms, canyoning means to explore a canyon. A canyon is a deep gorge with a narrow stream or river flowing through it. Activities like hiking, rappelling, swimming, bouldering and wading are part of canyoning.

Waterfall Rapelling
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Here are few places in India where you can try your hand in this adventurous activity.

1) CherrapunjiMeghalaya: Cherrapunji is one of the wettest places on Earth and therefore has waterfalls and river streams in abundance. The state is a wonderland for adventure junkies and canyoning definitely is one of the activities you should try here. There are multiple options available.

You can choose swim-free River canyoning where you have to trek down Laitkynsew hill to the river bed by a jungle path. You will reach the river bed after scrambling down the rocks of the waterfall in the end. From here you move upstream after climbing on boulders and jumping across rapids from one rock to another. You will find many natural swimming pools on the way. And even though this is a swim free canyoning trip, the swimmers can jump in the pool. How can you not get tempted!

Then there is Wet River Canyoning. You trek down to Nongkroh village and then proceed to the river. As the name suggest, prepare to get wet. You will be swimming in the river and also be making your own way through the jungles.

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2) Goa: The next time you are in Goa, take out some time out from your wild parties and experience canyoning.

You can go to Upper Sauri Canyon which is a chain of six waterfalls and narrow gorges. You have to walk, jump and abseil through the canyon walls.

Another location is in Palolem in South Goa. You can spend your day jumping off, sliding and cascading down the waterfalls.

Canoyoning in Goa
Source: Lonely Planet India

3) DandeliKarnataka: Are you a beach person or a mountain person? We all have heard this question and we have tried our best to answer it as well. Hey, you can love both! Worry not. We give you Dandeli. It is the amalgamation of a beach town and a hill station. Perfect, right? And it is one of the best places for adventure sports in Karnataka.

You can try canyoning at the wildlife sanctuary which is situated just alongside River Kali. You can also go to the Syntheri Rock which is an enormous limestone rock, standing at a height of 300 feet formed due to volcanic eruptions. Then there are Kavala caves where you will have to rappel down the cave entrance and then crawl your way down.

Waterfall Rapelling in Dandeli
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4) ManaliHimachal Pradesh: Manali is a beautiful town situated next to Beas river. Canyoning in the Himalayas is a different experience. You will enjoy mountain rappelling, trekking and river crossing.

Bhrigu lake is one of the most famous canyoning site here. This is a 4 day trip which includes trekking to the beautiful Bhrigu lake situated on a height of 14000 feet. People from all around the world come to experience the thrill.

If you want to go for a day trip, then Vashisht is your best bet. Located around 3 km from Manali, you can try rappelling on the Jogini waterfalls. We love how the water splashes on our bodies while we try to go down the waterfall. This sounds a little tiring but the water makes you feel fresh.

Things to do in Manali
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