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Pindari Glacier Trek

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Trekkers can never get tired of options in North India. With Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, both packed with a number of picturesque trails, one can pick from short single day treks to longer more challenging ones as well. Typically, glacier treks are a tricky affair and mostly opted for by experienced trekkers. This is because their trails can be more difficult. However, Pindari Glacier gained popularity for this reason that it is relatively an easier glacier trek. So, if that’s something that you’re looking to strike off from your bucket list then with reasonable preparation you can achieve that feat soon! This trek lets you do that with crystal waters, quaint villages and stretches of meadows.

How to reach: Fly down to Delhi or take a train till Delhi. From there travel by road in order to reach Kathgodam. Otherwise you can fly down to Pantnagar or take a train to Kathgodam but these options have limited availability in comparison.

Best time to trek/visit: mid-April to early June, late September (after end of the monsoon season) to November

Duration: 7 days

Difficulty: Moderate

Altitude: 12,300 ft.

Trek route: The route will of course depend on what you decide with your local trekking guide, but possible options include:

Kathgodam – Kahrkia – Khati – Dwali – Phurkia – Zero Point Pindari Glacier – Phurkia – Khati – Dwali – Kahrkia – Kathgodam

Pindari Glacier Trek
Source: https://www.trekthehimalayas.com/pindari-glacier-trek/

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Day 1: Kathgodam – Kahrkia

Altitude – 7,300 ft.

Approximate Distance – 210kms drive

Once you arrive in Kathgodam, you shall make your way to Kahrkia by road. It is a long drive but a scenic one as you end up crossing Kapkot, Almora, Bageshwar and even Bheem Tal. This day is for staring out of the window, playing your favourite music and getting to know the people you shall be spending the next one week with. Dumb charades, Heads Up, Taboo or what not ought to come out to be the ice-breakers. Reach Kharkia by evening, it is the last village on the road.

Day 2: Kahrkia – Khati

Altitude – 7,400 ft.

Approximate Distance – 4kms

On day 2 your trek starts. You will walk through a spread-out canvas of rhododendrons and oak trees coming out to greet you. Hear the crunch of the fallen leaves under your shoes. The trail bends and rises at different points to lead you to your day’s campsite at Khati. But don’t call it a day just yet. Why? Well, because Khati has something waiting for you. What? Well, how about the view of tall peaks such as Nandabaner, Nandakot and Laspadhura? Sit down in the grass to let yourself stare the view for as long as you please. By this point the mobile network is long gone, so, its just the mountains and you!

Day 3: Khati – Dwali

Altitude – 8,600 ft.

Approximate Distance – 13kms

This day’s trek is the longest up until this point in the trek. Your trail for the day will take you both through ascends as well as descends. Get ready to reach the first water point of your trek. A simple little stream that flows with a whole lot of vigour! Fill up your bottles, dip your faces and say, are you game for throwing just a few droplets at fellow trekkers too? ? Brrr. You move further up to find Pindari Valley on your left and Kafni Valley on your right, their rivers meet at a point where a village is located. With these surroundings get prepared for camping out. How does room with this view sound?

Best Treks in Uttarakhand
Source: https://www.bikatadventures.com/Home/Itinerary/pindari-glacier-trek

Day 4: Dwali – Phurkia

Altitude – 10,500 ft.

Approximate Distance – 5kms

On day 4 get ready for an up close and personal view of the Pindari River. In fact, its going to be a scenery like the kinds you painted in your childhood. If the weather is on your side, Mt. Nanda Devi and Mt. Nanda Khat carving out, high above in the open sky, with the river flowing away in full swing right below. Further ahead, you will meet grasslands and eventually some hard snow with streams nearby. It’s as if you’re entering a world which grows further and further.

Day 5: Phurkia – Zero Point Pindari Glacier – Phurkia

Altitude – 12,300 ft to back at 10,500 ft.

Approximate Distance – 16kms

This day kicks off early as you are finally headed to see the glacier! You will first see the clearer sights of Mount Nanda Khat. Then as you start to move ahead, the route does get more slippery on account of the presence of snow or its melting remnants. Move cautiously as the most awaited view finally welcomes you. Mount Bauljuri joins in to greet you as well, from across the river. Through a treacherous ridge you finally get to see that first glimpse of Pindari. Move further for better sighting and you’ll be sighing in amazement soon enough. Somewhere in the backdrop there’s Changuch peeking out as well. Pindari in itself stretches for about 5kms with a seemingly natural fence around it, made up of snow-capped peaks. This is that much awaited moment during a trek, so, make sure to savour it to the fullest.

On His Own Trip
Source: https://www.trekthehimalayas.com/pindari-glacier-trek/

Day 6: Phurkia – Dwali – Khati

Altitude – 7,300 ft.

Approximate Distance – 18kms

This day isn’t challenging in terms of increasing altitude but rather in terms of the amount of ground to be covered within the day. For this day you need to be well hydrated and prepared as the long route can get tiring. But you know the interesting part of tracing your footsteps during a trek is in how it lets you relive your first moments in some of the spots that you crossed earlier in the same week. So, looking back as you walk, I hope you’re returning with all smiles.

Day 7: Khati – Kharkia – Kathgodam

Altitude – 7,400 ft.

Approximate Distance – 4kms trek, 180kms drive

After just a short trek you will find yourself in a vehicle zipping back to Kathgodam to then catch your flight or train. But as the drive is a long one you have a chance to remember the memories from the entire week with the people you experienced them with.

Pindari Glacier Trek
Source: https://insider.in/pindari-glacier-trek-may12-2019/event

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