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Pin Parvati Trek

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Maximum Altitude: 17457 ft

Duration: 12 days

Difficulty: Difficult

Don’t we all love diversity? The ever changing landscapes and terrains on Pin Parvati trek keeps you excited for the next surprise nature might throw at you. Pin and Parvati valleys are like two sisters with opposite personalities. Pin valley is raw and barren with terrains that sometimes feel like are not from this planet. On the other hand, Parvati valley is all shades of green with wildflowers spread throughout the meadows and horses galloping on them. Despite their differences, they still love each other and that sisterly hug forms the Pin Parvati pass.

Pin Parvati trek
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The pass was discovered in 1884 by Sir Louis Dane, who was then looking for an alternate to reach Spiti Valley. Today, the Pin Parvati Pass trek is one of the most enthralling and challenging trekking trails in India and has captured the imagination of many adventurers.

pin parvati pass
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The trek starts from the Mudh village in Spiti. Every village in Spiti looks like a postcard and Mudh is no different. With Pin River flowing through the valley and only a handful of houses, the village is the perfect place to start your journey. The trek is easy in the start with a gradual ascent, but will get steeper and tougher as you get close to the pass. On the way, you will see the big beautiful barren mountains of Spiti which are splattered with colours. The trail comprises boulder and moraine stretches, icy cold river crossings and crevasse filled glacier. The trek is strenuous and will leave you out of breath, but once you reach the pass the view will make you forget everything.

treks in himachal
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The colourful flags at the pass flutter as if they are applauding you. The snow covered peaks of Kinnaur, Kullu and Spiti smile at you. This is your moment, the one you were dreaming about. Jump, dance or maybe just look around to see how beautiful this world is.

pin parvati trek campsite
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You will cross Mantalai Lake and this is where the greenery starts. Parvati valley greets you with alpine meadows filled with red, pink and purple blossoms. With Parvati River meandering through the mountains and creating small waterfalls, and the shepherds camping with their cattle, it’s a contrast and will leave you speechless. You will also cross Kheerganga, an extremely famous short trek near Kasol. Take a dip in the hot spring here and you will feel refreshed.

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Pin Parvati Pass trek will give you memories and experiences which will last a lifetime.

Best Time to Visit: July – September

How to reach: The road trip to Spiti is a journey to remember. The distance from Manali is around 200 km which is covered in 8-10 hours. You will cross Rohtang Pass and Kunzum Pass which are covered in snow all year long.

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