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Pangong: A young boy shows us how to be the change

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Pangong and us.

I have so much to say after my trip to Ladakh, but this post is for Rachan, a 20 year old who came on this group trip.

We woke up in our tents to a spectacular view of Pangong lake. We had reached the previous evening, and decided to spend the day chilling near the lake.

After breakfast, few of us were sitting in a group near our tents when we saw Rachan. Our tents were few hundred meters away from the lake and he was coming back after taking a stroll. He had few plastic bottles in his hands and was collecting more. He ran back to his tent, dumped the bottles on one side, went inside and emerged with a big bag. With headphones in his ears, he sang along and started collecting the trash.

responsible travel

I ran towards him asking if he had another bag and he handed me a smaller one. We both started singing and picking the trash. Soon after, I looked back and saw most of the people from the group had joined in. I was happy, I was proud.

We asked the owners to give us bigger bags and they happily provided. The locals were amused looking at us, and even told us that it’s the first time they were seeing something like this. We went back and forth collecting the trash. Few of us were out of breath given we were at 14000 feet, but no one gave up. We collected 15 big bags of trash.

Pangong lake

It was sad to see how we are destroying this breathtaking marvel of nature. Mountains are not our personal dumping grounds and we need to spread the awareness. Do your bit, bring back every piece of plastic. Be responsible

I get to meet so many people who inspire me. Rachan, I love how you didn’t ask anyone to help you, how you just started doing what you thought was right. And everyone followed. We need more kids like you.

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