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One of the Most Beautiful Treks in India: Tarsar Marsar

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I could describe a trek as delicious and you would probably be perplexed by that choice of word. But then I want you think of your favourite dish, maybe butter chicken or biryani or ice cream or a brownie. Whatever it is, imagine pining for it for a prolonged amount of time and then you finally get your hands on it and put it on your mouth, you close your eyes to truly relish the taste and it is just, mmmmmm. Now look at the pictures of Tarsar Marsar, imagine making your way here over the course of one week, imagine sleeping beside a lake and waking up to thee views. Wouldn’t you want to close your eyes and savour its taste? But not for more than a split second because your eyes need to be full of the view in front of you. Wouldn’t you want to just gaze at the gorgeousness for as long as you possibly can?

Tarsar Marsar
Source: Instagram account @adyantha_venkat

Altitude: 13,201 ft

Difficulty level: Moderate

Duration: 7 days

How to reach: Land in Srinagar and thereafter arrange a vehicle till Aru in Pahalgam.

Best time to visit: Between the months of June to September.

It is best described as something out of your childhood drawings. I mean, not necessarily if you were bad at art and craft… erm..kidding! What I meant was the colours are as pastel and pretty as you painted the world to be in your childhood dreams. The grass runs into meadows of many shades of green. The sky is the baby blue shadow hovering over you as you seek out the stunningly blue alpine lakes. Chai lovers, Coffee lovers, aree even the fitness freaks who drink neither, just grab a cup of water only. But sit, sit down with this view as you let minutes pass quietly looking at what’s in front of you. 

The trek starts in the quaint valley of Aru where the sounds of the stream come to your ears to welcome you. Tiny cottages make the setting of a scenery and there are trees everywhere you look. Mind you, this is just your base camp.

From here, you walk from amidst the scent of pine trees and you know you are in the hills. You will pass through dense forests and grasslands that in the right season are greeted by many wildflowers.

Your efforts culminate into taking you to the two alpine lakes of Tarsar and Marsar. Not only do you gt to visit the lake but you also get to camp right beside it. So, wake up to the royal blue lake for the right kind of morning blues!

tarsar marsar treks
Source: Instagram account @nsalkade


Of course, you won’t be trekking alone. In the beginning you pass through hamlets where shy yet warm humans reside in their simple villages. And gradually you go further to sometimes spot a flock of sheep grazing away without a care or to see wild horses run openly in their home that you are visiting.

For more reasons than one, Tarsar Marsar is a delight. It is the best of Kashmir and its beauty packed and presented to you on the adventurous platter of a trek. So, for the mountain child heavily in love with its meadows and valleys, for the ones seeking to explore Kashmir and well, for just about any nature lover, this trek is a liveable dream.

most beautiful treks india
Source: Instagram account – @peaceful_himalayas

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