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Ojas Resorts and Camps

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Ojas Resorts and Camps

How to reach –  The resort is at a distance of 38 km from Jolly Grant Airport and can be reached by a shared or a private car. The resort has free parking spaces.

Best time to visit – From February to mid-May, though the picturesque destination can be toured on any date of the calendar.

Approximate cost – Rs. 2000 per person approx.

Located in such a beautiful place like Rishikesh, the resort provides great scenic views and a very comfortable stay.
Located in such a beautiful place like Rishikesh, the resort provides great scenic views and a very comfortable stay.

Risikesh., the beating heart and soul of India. It is the spiritual town of India located on the bank of holy river Ganga.

On His Own Trip organizes group trips to Rishikesh and let you find your soul within the echo of Maha Aarti and the strong flow of Ganga river.

When we think of all this there is a calmness, a sense of peacefulness as well as fulfillment. But these all are incomplete without the feeling of restfulness and relaxation.

But in today’s world only nature is not enough for us mankind. Right? With the beauty of nature, we want the assistance of modernity to feel comfortable. Ojas resorts and camps provide this beautifully. Ojas Resorts Rishikesh is one of the best riverside camping option for nature and adventure lover pals. It is often said that some things cannot be expressed in words, they can only be experienced. Here you can do just that by living in the midst of nature and in the way nature intended. One of the finest resorts on the holy land of Rishikesh with an open area of one acre and guess what else? 18 Beautiful fully furnished cottages and 2 family cottages with the best amenities available. The place is enchanting and homely. The resort provides you the best of services, food and ambience. What more do we want in a customized trip organized by On his Own Trip for our family and partners?

Who doesn’t like to have their feet bare in the clear soothing water. Ojas Resorts Rishikesh is located on the bank of river Huel. It has the water flowing throughout the year with constant increase & decrease in water level. Just 20 Steps form Ojas resorts you can sit on the rock of river huel and spend the entire day watching astonishing beauty of mountain, Crystal clear water flowing through feets and small fishes.

Rishikesh is famous for its river rafting. After all who wants to miss the ups and downs in life, I know many; But trust us you would not want to miss this experience. Ojas resorts provides you best rafting experience with expert Rafting guides, full coopertaion while keeping in mind all the rules and regulations and of course, who can forget all the fun.

There are many other exciting adventures for the restless souls here. You can try bicycling, hiking, water activities in the huel river, bike safari and forest ranger activities etc. And finally if your adrenaline levels have reached low then what is better than a cabin spa or a reflective meditation directly in the lap of nature.

So if you are finding a to explore your adventurous side or just to sit peacefully on the bank stones with a book in hand and a peacefulness inside you or to have a fun and relaxing holiday with your friends and family; or planning to do all the threes this place is perfect for you.

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