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OHOT Trip Stories: Trip Leader Niyati & her adorable Auli group

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I loveee birthdays. And, no, I’m not talking about my birthday. I’m talking about everyone’s birthdays. My friends have personalized gifts to show for it. My trippers have witnessed all the silly planning that goes into birthdays on trips. Be it planning a treasure hunt or handwritten notes from strangers turned friends, coordinated dances to singing around the bonfire.

Why? Why this childlike obsession with birthdays? Well, in the business of life I think people often forget to appreciate people enough. So, it’s one day of the week where you spoil someone rotten, make them smile and leave them feeling all warm and fuzzy. And, no, it doesn’t have to be anything major. From a whole big plan to even a genuine heartfelt jaadu ki jhappi style hug is enough.


So, two weeks back when I was leading my Auli trip and I realized that no one has their birthday I thought okay, next time. But it was the last night of the trip, the whole group was huddled in a room dancing the night away when suddenly I saw a bunch of my friends walk in with a cake. What? Did I forget someone’s birthday?!

Nope. Turns out my crazy, mad and absolutely adorable group had got me a cake to say thank you. To say I wasn’t expecting it is to say the least. I can’t put in words how touched I was. Nah, it wasn’t a birthday. But it was the thought. The thought of leaving someone feeling so warm and fuzzy with a gesture as sweet as that. Not just the cake but the hugs that followed. The hugs that had conversations being whispered into ears about our trip and the week we spent together. The childlike fool in me could do nothing but smile from ear to ear.

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So, were you wondering if strangers actually bond while travelling? I hope my bunch and their stories (many more to come) tell you that they do, in unexplainable ways they truly do. Here’s sending a virtual hug and a big thank you to each one!

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