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Niyati Saxena

On a rainy weekend in July of 2016, Niyati Saxena first came with us on a waterfall rappelling trip. Little did she or any of us know then, that two and half years hence she’d be leading trips for the brand.

Now when you hear Niyati is a lawyer, you fully expect her to be serious and all academic ..  But Niyati Saxena can talk about Intellectual Property laws just as well as she can toss witty zingers.  Needless to say, her affable, fun nature, and no fuss attitude made her everyone’s favourite on the trip.

Over the next two years, Niyati came back with the brand as a tripper to Meghalaya and Sikkim. True to her quintessential friendly self, she was easy going and could connect with anyone. But what stood out was her ability to mould herself and a natural flair to converse with with just about anyone – with younger people, she could be a teenager and have crazy fun, and when there was a deeper discussion going on, she could be very mature, yet keep the conversation interesting. No matter the age or gender of the tripper, Niyati can weave conversations that would engage them.

In January 2019, Niyati led her first trip for the brand to Tirthan Valley and she was an absolute hit with all her trippers! She has now led trips to Vietnam, Cambodie, Thailand, Andamans, Tawang, Nagaland, Kashmir, Bir & Barot, Kasol Bunbuni, Chitkul, Rishikesh, Valley of Flowers and Spiti. As of June 2021, she has led over 27 trips!

Niyati loves dancing and Bollywood. Although one can only wish her knowledge of Bollywood matched her love for it, because she is forever looking non plussed if you ask her any trivia on the subject. She also likes playing word games, planning surprises for friends and dressing up for a party. Because she is more stylish than half of us, she can give you great tips on fashionable things to wear on a trip! Hahaha! Fun on trips, interesting conversations and great fashion advice.. what more could one possibly ask for?

Niyati Saxena On His Own Trip

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