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Most Interesting Facts about United Arab Emirates

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Big swanky cities, skyscrapers and as tech-savvy as it gets, we are entering the world of UAE!

Interesting Facts:

1. UAE comprises of 7 emirates: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Umm al-Quwain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman and Sharjah. Each emirate is under the rule of its own royal family with the emir of Abu Dhabi acting as the President and that of Dubai as the Prime Minister.

2. It is the first country in the world to have a government ministry for artificial intelligence! Yes, that’s how technologically advanced the country is.

3. On that not, did you know that at a stretch of 46 miles the country has the world’s longest driverless metro track?!

4. Not to forget that they have the world’s tallest building standing at 2,717 feet, the famous Burj Khalifa! It has been classified as “Mega Tall”. Not to forget the scene from Mission Impossible 4 where Tom Cruise could be seen showing his suave moves here. ?

5. And since they are so tech savvy, they built themselves islands! Yep, meet the man-made islands of Dubai. The Palm Jumeirah is as good as a full-fledged city with homes, hotels, activities and even a monorail!

6. The Dubai Police has a range of sports cars for their use. Bugatti, Lamborghini and oh of course, a Ferrari! With a very low crime rate, the police cars are used to patrol heritage sites, tourist spots and other corners of the area. Oh come on, of course Rohit Shetty got his inspiration somewhere!

dubai police
Source: https://www.autoevolution.com/news/dubai-police-supercars-explained-the-full-story-59696.html

7. After Qatar, UAE has the second highest number of expats living here. Just how many expats? Well, there are 200 nationalities living here! In fact, Emiratis only make for 12% of the population.

8. And the country is conservative about their mannerisms, to the point that public displays of affection can actually be rigorously punished in the country. (There are punishments in India too but not as severely meted out as UAE)

9. The weekend varies! While you are lazing happily on Sunday, folks in UAE are rushing off to work. No, before you feel guilty that they don’t get a weekend, I want to stop your kind heart and let you know that their weekend simply is on Friday and Saturday in order to accommodate people’s weekly Friday rituals as well.

10. Malls, malls and malls. The country has some of the biggest in the world and you can literally expect to see anything in them. So, don’t be surprised to learn that the Dubai Mall has a 155 years old fossil of a dinosaur in it!

11. But full points to UAE for also going to be home to the world’s most sustainable city, Madagascar City! The city in Abu Dhabi houses about 40,000 residents. The sustainable project will use wind and solar energy for its power. Cars are banned! And electric cars called personal transport pods are used here.

12. Falcons hold pride in the country as they would help the nomadic Arabs called Bedouins hunt in the desert. The bird species has thus been honoured with its place on the country’s emblem and the currency too.

Trip Leader Niyati’s Recommendations:

1. Luxurious Dubai. From the architecture, the aquariums, Ski Dubai to even the adventure of sky diving. When in swanky town, live it up the luxe way, no?

2. Sharjah is where you can taste the cultural aspects of UAE. You can also explore the art museum and the science museum there.

Source: https://traveltriangle.com/blog/things-to-do-in-uae/

3. Head to Ras Al Khaimah for not one reason but two. First up, the dune bashing opportunity because I’m sure you visualized that when you thought of visiting UAE.

4. Then the Ras Al Khaimah beaches because well, just look!

Ras Al Khaimah beaches
Source: https://www.booking.com/hotel/ae/bin-majid-beach-hotel.en-gb.html?

5. One might just be curious to see the eco tech city of Madagascar too!

6. Further, Fujairah is the cosy little beach town with a slightly different terrain and slower pace of life to offer than the rest of the country. Due to its proximity to Oman, the influence can also be slightly seen. So, kick back, its time to lay back and chill!

Source: https://www.holidify.com/places/fujairah/

How to Reach:

With a number of Indians of residing in the UAE, there are a number of direct flights from India.

For Visa:

For visa kindly refer to the following page on our website:


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