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Most Interesting Facts about Trinidad and Tobago

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Trinidad and Tobago is a beautiful twin-island nation in the Caribbean region. Its nearest countries are Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines to the north, Barbados to the northeast and Venezuela to the south and west.

This island destination boasts an extraordinary mix of natural attractions along with a unique cultural heritage. It is home to lush rainforests, pristine beaches and some beautiful bird species. Let’s hop on our ship for the virtual journey, shall we?

Interesting facts about Trinidad & Tobago

1. Trinidad was named by Christopher Columbus in 1498 after the Holy Trinity while Tobago got its name because it resembles a tobacco pipe (tavaco) used by locals.

2. The name originally given to Trinidad was “Iere” which means “Land of the Hummingbird”. The islands have a total of 485 species of birds, with 18 kinds of hummingbird. It is a prime destination for bird watchers.

Source: https://www.looptt.com/

3. The country is the birthplace of the steel pan drum. It is the only acoustic musical instrument to be invented in the 20th Century and today is very popular around the globe. Do you know the first steel pans were made out of oil drums? How creative and musical!

There are many music genres which were also born in the country and later spread throughout the Caribbean. They include calypso, soca, chutney and many more.

4. When talking about music, how can we not talk about the biggest party which is hosted on the island. Trinidad and Tobago is home to the largest carnival festival in the Caribbean. It is a celebration of history, culture, fashion and art all fused together. This Carnival has been consistently ranked as one of the top ten Carnival celebrations in the world. So time to put on those colourful carnival clothes and groove to the music.

5. Not only the carnival, Trinidad and Tobago also has the biggest celebration of Diwali in the entire Western Hemisphere. The country has one of the largest Indian populations in the Carribean region and therefore the festival of lights is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm.

Trinidad is also home to the world’s largest Hanuman Murti statue (85 feet) outside of India.

Source: https://www.dattapeetham.org/

6. World’s largest brain coral is found in the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. The term ‘brain coral’ refers to coral colonies of the family Merulinidae and Mussidae. These colonies appear like the human brain. Brain corals are important in coral reef generation. The brain coral is found at a dive site called Kelleston Drain dive and it measures 10ft (3M) high and 16ft (5.3M) across!

brain coral
Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/386817055479062040/

7. The Pitch Lake in Trinidad is the largest natural deposit of asphalt in the world and holds approximately 10 million tonnes of asphalt. It covers about 99 acres and is 246 feet deep.

The lake located in the south of the island is often labeled the eighth wonder of the world. This is because it continues to replenish itself, despite being emptied again and again to pave roads in the United States and across Europe. The visitors can also bathe in its sulphur pools that are said to have amazing healing properties.

The locals believe that the Pitch Lake was created by the Good Spirit to drown a village whose people had sinned by killing too many hummingbirds.

8. In 1976, Hasley Joachim Crawford became the first person to win a gold medal for Trinidad and Tobago. He won a gold medal in 100 m race and by doing so he also became the first Olympic 100m champion from a Caribbean country.

9. The island country of Trinidad & Tobago has also given the first black Miss Universe. In 1977, Janelle Penny Commissiong, was the first black contestant to be crowned Miss Universe.

10. Trinidad’s Grande Riviere beach is home to the second largest leatherback turtle nesting site in the world. Each year over 10,000 giant Leatherback turtles visit the shores to lay their eggs.

11. There is a swimming pool in the middle of the ocean. The Nylon Pool is a natural, 1 metre-deep crystal clear swimming pool with a sandy bottom in the middle of the sea created by an offshore sandbar and a still lagoon. There is a difference in the colour of the pool’s water (which is turquoise) than the rest of the ocean (deep blue). The Nylon Pool’s name is said to have come from Princess Margaret, who claimed the water was as clear as her nylon stockings. Swimming in the pool is one of the most favourite activities among the travelers.

12. Trinidad and Tobago is the wealthiest and most developed Caribbean nation. It has the third highest GDP per capita in the Americas. The petroleum industry, manufacturing sector, and tourism are important contributors to the nation’s economy.

The island country is also the happiest country in the Caribbean.

13. The limbo dance originated in Trinidad and Tobago. The contest involves a horizontal bar, called the limbo, placed atop two vertical bars, and the dancer must face the bar and go under it without touching the bar or knocking it over. Each time someone is eliminated, the bar is set to a lower position, making the task even more challenging. In this way, the bar is lowered each time a contestant gets eliminated until only the winner is left. The dance was made even more adventurous by setting the stick on fire.

14. I should warn you before you talk to the local people of the islands that their accents can seduce you. I am not kidding. The Trinidadian accent is considered one of the sexiest in the world.

15. The Queen’s Park Savannah in Trinidad’s capital city, Port-of-Spain, is the world’s largest traffic round-a-bout.

16. The Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve is the world’s oldest protected rainforest. It became a reserve in 1776, and is full of hiking trails and opportunities for eco adventure. The forest is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

17. Beware before putting the chillies in your food here. Trinidad and Tobago is home to the Moruga Scorpion – the second spiciest chilli in the world.

Moruga Scorpion
Source: https://atlantablackstar.com/

18. Getting deserted on an island is a thought that must have crossed your mind if you have read the classic novel Robinson Crusoe. The island of Tobago was allegedly the inspiration for the Daniel Defoe novel who also created Treasure Island around Tobago. There’s even a spot called Crusoe’s Caves in Tobago. The movie Swiss Family Robinson was filmed here as well.

19. It was Dr Joseph Lennox Pawan from Trinidad & Tobago who discovered the transmission of rabies by vampire bats to humans in 1933 that led to the development of a vaccine for the virus.

20. The country is famous for producing some of the best cocoa in the world. All you sweet tooth out there, take notes.

Trip leader Sakshi’s Recommendations if you are visiting Trinidad and Tobago:

Pigeon Point: One of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Trinidad, the white-sands and aqua seas of Pigeon Point will make you want to stay there for as long as you can. You can also swim in The Nylon pool which is located near the beach.

Pigeon Point
Source: https://www.thecrazytourist.com/

Caroni Bird Sanctuary: The sanctuary is a must visit place for all the nature lovers. You can spot scarlet ibis, the national bird of Trinidad and Tobago. The area is rich in biodiversity, and you can also spot many other species of wildlife such as herons, egrets, cormorants, tree boas, anteaters, and caimans.

Little Tobago Island: Another great place for bird watching, Little Tobago Island is an uninhabited bird sanctuary with several kilometers of trails. Hop onto a glass-bottomed boat which will take you to the Little Tobago Island and on the way you can check out the colourful coral reefs. Jump into the water to snorkel and explore the aquatic life. You can also trek to the island’s peak.

little tobago island
Source: https://www.planetware.com/

Visa Process: Check https://onhisowntrip.com/visa-trinidad-and-tobago/  for details

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