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Most Interesting Facts about Tajikistan

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Tajikistan is a mountainous landlocked country in Central Asia. It is bordered by Uzbekistan to the north and west, Kyrgyzstan to the north, China to the east and Afghanistan to the south. The country is becoming famous especially among the mountaineers and trekking enthusiasts due to its amazing landscape. But before you pack your bags, read few interesting things about the country.

Interesting facts about Tajikistan

1. Tajikistan is a mountainous nation. More than 90% of the country is covered with mountainous ranges and about 50% of the country has an elevation of more than 3000 m above sea level. The 7,495 m tall Ismoil Somoni Peak is the tallest mountain in Tajikistan.

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2. Just like the mountains, lakes in Tajikistan are an integral part of the nature of the country. There are about 1450 lakes in the country. The largest lake of Tajikistan is Karakul. It is located in the northern-eastern part of the country, at a height of 3914 meters above sea level.

The most popular and beautiful lake of Tajikistan is Iskanderkul. This triangular shaped lake is located at an elevation of 2,195 m. Moreover, according to a legend, Alexander the Great stopped by this lake, and so the lake was named in his honor (his Persian name was Iskander).

3. Beauty standards vary from culture to culture. In Tajikistan you will see most of the women sporting a unibrow. Unibrows are considered highly attractive in the country and the girls who have separate eyebrows often paint them to create an illusion.

4. Tajikistan is home to the world’s second tallest dam. The Nurek Dam (300 m) is located on the Vakhsh River in Tajikistan and was built to generate hydroelectricity. It was the world’s tallest dam until 2013 when China bagged the title after creating Jinping-I Dam (305 m).

5. Fedchenko Glacier in Tajikistan is the longest glacier outside the Polar Regions. The long and narrow glacier is located in the Yazgulem Range of the Pamir Mountains. It covers an area of 700 square km and extends for a distance of about 77 km.

Fedchenko Glacier
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6. Tajikistan is located in a seismically active zone which makes it highly susceptible to earthquakes. The earthquakes of 1907 and 1949 were the deadliest and claimed thousands of lives.

7. The country which was once part of the Silk Road has been gravely affected by drug trafficking today. It has become one of the export routes for Afghan heroin to Russia and into Europe.

Trip leader Sakshi’s Recommendations if you are visiting Tajikistan:

Iskanderkul Lake: Visit this pristine lake which made even Alexander the Great to stop and admire its beauty. The country is rich in alpines, but Iskanderkul is considered the most stunning of all. Located on the northern slopes of the Gissar Range in Tajikistan’s Fann Mountains this glacially-fed lake will wow you with the perfect morning reflections. There are many trails on Fann Mountains which end at the lake.

Iskanderkul Lake
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Khujand: Khujand is the second biggest city in Tajikistan. Walk around the lively and vibrant Panjshanbe Bozor and experience the local culture. Later visit the Historical Museum of the Sughd Region to learn more about the thousands of years of history that Khujand has witnessed.

Pamir Mountains: This is the adventure haven. The remoteness, cultural experiences, and incredible scenery attracts people from all over to visit the Pamir Mountains in the country. The mountain range, an extension of the Hindu Kush and Karakorum, is the Pamirs, and the plateau, sometimes called Bomi Dunyo or “Roof of the World,” is the Pamir Plateau. The Pamir National Park covers 18% of the total size of Tajikistan. In 2013, the park was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

pamir mountains
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