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Most Interesting Facts about Serbia

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Culture, cuisine, history and even a nightlife, Serbia can offer you a little bit of everything.

Interesting Facts:

1. Hello, folks who love Twilight, Vampire Diaries, etc. Did you know that your beloved vampires actually originated from Serbia? The Serbian word “vampir” is the most commonly used word from the language around the world. And while, we have all commonly thought that Dracula was the first vampire, it was actually Serbian peasant, Peter Blagojevic.

2. 18 Roman emperors actually hail from Serbia!

3. The river Vrelo earned itself the nickname “Godina” or “Year” because of its length which stretches to about 365 metres! One metre for each day of the year? But hey, what about leap years! ?

4. It is the world’s biggest exporter of raspberries. Yumm.

5. My whole life I’ been looking at clocks and thinking we have the Swiss innovation to thank for that. However, the Serbian clock industry is actually much older, having started back in 1404 when a Serbian monk built one mechanical clock for Russia. Meanwhile, the Swiss’s first clock came about 200 years later, in 1601 actually. Thus, the Serbian one is speculated to be the first but there are multiple theories.

Serbian clock industry
Source: https://www.serbia.com/guess-made-clock-200-years-swiss-serbs/

6. On Mt.Stara Planina there is the village of Gostusa on its slopes which is said to be almost entirely made out of stones! The houses of mud, stone and natural materials are still inhabited by people.

7. The Serbian Devil’s Town (“Djavolja Varos”) is a cluster of 202 natural stone formations that rise above acidic streams. Folklore states that a God was offended when an incestuous wedding between a brother and sister was being conducted and the God’s wrath led to these formations.

8. Who doesn’t love love? Let me tell you briefly about King Stefan Uros who had a French wife, queen Helen of Anjou in whose he planted lilacs in the valley of Ibar. Today, the valley is known as Valley of Lilacs, Valley of Centuries and even the Valley of Kings. Uff what a way to have your love story live on!

9. Speaking of love, it isn’t just witnessed in humans but also in insects! Let me explain. The Palingenia longicauda is the largest mayfly in Europe. For 3 years they develop while living as larvae in river Tisza’s muddy waters. Then on one summer day, they shed their skin and rise as imagoes. The males first as sub-imagoes who then shed their skin for a second time. Rising from the waters, the creatures seek reproduction. The mayflies rise above the water and trigger and touch it, sending out waves. The phenomenon has been given the name of the “wedding dance” or the “bridal dance” and is said to be quite a sight to see!

10. Nikolas Tesla is regarded as one of the most important contributors to the world of science. Induction motor, remote control, hydro-powered plant, etc. are just the beginning. The truth is that a number of his innovations remain unexplained even to this day. And while Tesla hailed from Serbia, other scientists such as Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, Joseph Pancic, Mihajlo I. Pupin, etc. also originate from this very country.

11. Modern day love can be found in different places, even clubs. Ah actually I was just wanting to bring in the point that Belgrade has been ranked by Lonely Plant and many others as the city with the best nightlife in the world!

12. Semetes and Vlasina Lakes are said to have surfaces on which the islands float! This is a natural phenomenon on top of the lake where these tiny islands actually move at their own pace and direction over the water.

13. Locals believe that the 500,000 years old Mount Rtanj may house a mothership which was left behind by aliens!

14. I think the country is big on their belief of aliens because in yet another debate, that of the origin of the Povlen Globes. While scientists say that they are the result of volcanic activity, others speculate that they were created by aliens. I think Jaadu’s cousin might just have made a visit to Serbia. Who knows?!

15. The Serbian army was lauded in the early 1900s for their courage and military prowess. While the British, the Greek, the French and the Italian armies had all failed to breach the Thessaloniki front in 1918, the Serbian army did in just 18 days. In fact, they also defeated the endeavours of the Allied armies, liberating Serbian territories even before the Allied Forces could send out their supplies. It is famously remembered that a French general had commented that if more troops were as valiant as the Serbians, the war would have probably never broken in the first place.

Trip Leader Niyati’s Recommendations:

You may visit Serbia for many reasons but you’ll be pleased to know that the country is ranked as one of the best countries in the world in terms of its hospitality. An added bonus to visit Serbia!

1. Belgrade’s Kalmegdan lets you explore a fortress, monuments and more remains from the colonial era showcasing the years of conflicts that were witnessed to even a picturesque park. Explore this area to try and see all that Serbia has seen. The underground chambers, the Fort Memorial complex, Chapel of St. Petka, Nebojsa Tower, Stambol gate…ah the list goes on and on. The capital is the capital for a reason and it deserves your time for you to truly explore it.

Belgrade’s Kalmegdan
Source: https://www.serbiaincoming.com/magazine/kalemegdan-the-symbol-of-belgrade-open-to-everyone/

2. Now when so much has been said about the nightlife of Belgrade, how can you not indulge in it? Let your hair down and dance the night away. See for yourself if the best nightlife title has been well earned!

3. Derdap Gorge makes for a dramatic sight as the river lazily meanders between the steep cliffs on either sides.

4. The Prerasts of Vratna with Big Prerast, Dry Prerast and Little Prerast are one of the best natural attractions of Serbia. Meet the tallest stone gate of Europe!

Prerasts of Vratna
Source: https://www.serbia.com/prerasts-vratna-europes-tallest-stone-gates/

5. It isn’t everyday that you get to witness the phenomenon of floating islands, so, how could you possibly miss Vlasina and Semetes? Not to forget that they are also very gorgeous!

6. Swimmers wanted a spot to comfortably rest after spending time in the water, so, lo behold the house on the river Drina emerged in 1969! The house seemingly crops literally out of nowhere, making for a cute and adorable sight in the middle of the river.

7. Uvac Canyon is a special nature reserve, where its bends offer a sight of the splendid spread of nature that this country offers. The mountains, the river, the canyon, the lakes and the wildlife, there’s a whole lot to see.

uvac canyon
Source: https://in.pinterest.com/

8. Sremski Karlovci is a tiny little town which with its architecture and pretty little villages take you into the more adorable parts of Serbia, one where you want to take walks, sip on a drink, layback, relax and just gingerly explore.

9. Though the country is blessed with a fair share of fortresses, the Golubac Fortress is said to be the most picturesque as it’s stonewalls rise above the water.

10. Kopaonik is a mountain range in Serbia that is beautiful in both summers and winter. It’s the popular for its snow sports during winter.

Source: https://www.pandotrip.com/top-10-things-to-see-and-do-in-serbia-22760/

How to Reach:

Fly to Serbia with layovers in Istanbul or Dubai. Sometimes you may have multiple layovers too.

For Visa:


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