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Most Interesting Facts about Saint Lucia

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facts about saint lucia

The country is known for its islands and seemingly pointy mountains. A small nation, it is replete with tons more.

Interesting Facts:

1. By its early Carib settles the country came to be named the Island of Iguanas. The French signed a treaty with them, taking over in 1660 and naming the island Saint Lucy of Syracuse.

2. Incidentally, this name makes the country the first one to be named after a woman!

3. Between 1664 to 1667, the British regime stepped in and the control of the island changed hands about 14 times. By the time the British had complete control in 1814, the island had gained a nickname as the “Helen of the West Indies” due to the changing of control.

4. Once they bid farewell to the British, the independent state adopted the motto of “The Land, The People, The Light”.

5. The country’s national bird, the Amazona Versicolour or Jacquot, is endemic to the island. From about 1000 of them in the 150s, the species numbers had plummeted to just 150 in the 70s. Then a lot of public education, conservation and heavy levying of penalties was carried out to protect the bird. Today, it be seen and is the subject matter of songs and plays, makes an appearance on bumper stickers, souvenirs, postage stamps and even the above coat of arms.

Source: http://chriscoxoriginals.com/galleries/parrots/, “Fine colours” St. Lucia parrot, acrylic colours, canvas; Chris Cox

6. Actually 157 bird species live on this island. Some other relatively rare ones are the Antillean Crested Hummingbird, the Green-throated Carib and the Purple-throated Carib.

7. While English is the official language about 20% of the population cannot converse in it, on the other hand Creole is spoken by 95% of the population. In fact, the love for Creole is such that an annual celebration is even held for it, the festival of Jounen Kwéyòl.

8. Love yourself some liquor during your vacations? Well, the Rousseau Valley in Saint Lucia boasts of 21 kinds of rum!

9. Small in size but big in cultural aspects, the country hosts an annual international jazz and arts festival.

10. You know, as a teenager I’d read Archie Comics. They were very often going to the “drive in” and I always thought it was so cool. Eventually, India also got drive ins and I tried them out for myself, learning that well there isn’t anything as cool about them as it is simply convenient. However, this particular drive in that I’m about to tell you about is certainly fairly cool. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the world’s one and only drive-in volcano! Sulphur Springs National Park in Saint Lucia provide tours wherein you can drive inside the area of a semi active volcano. Don’t worry, the last eruption was in the 17th The active status is only due to the fact that there are fissures and 24 boiling cauldrons of water and steam, from all of which steam comes seeping out, adding to the experience of driving through a volcano. Fair warning it does smell like rotten eggs and isn’t as spectacular to look at as it is to experience on account of its history and aura.

11. The Pitons are famous for their coral life, exotic plants and rare bird species. Gros and Petit Pitons are two volcanic linked by the Piton Mitan ridge, which gained the UNESCO site declaration in 2004.

Piton Mitan ridge
Source: https://www.beach.com/beaches/facts-about-st-lucia/

12. With an average temperature of 27 degrees throughout the whole year, the country really is the ideal beach destination all year round!

13. The country’s Pigeon Island is today known for its beautiful coastline but back in the 18th century the British would use it to spy on French ships. See, it isn’t just 007 who gets to do his spying from exotic locations. ?

pigeon island
Source: https://www.sandals.com/blog/pigeon-island-saint-lucia/

14. The country’s economy in addition to tourism also relies on bananas, cacao, cardboard boxes and electronic components.

15. Their Margot Bay has seen Hollywood come down with movies such as Dr.Doolittle and Firepower shooting scenes there.

Trip Leader Niyati’s Recommendations:

1. The country is a scuba diving gem with the opportunity of seeing creatures like the hawksbill turtle, leatherback turtle, green turtles, etc. Its turtle town! Anse Chastanet is a favourite for this.

2. Activities such as water skiing, paddle-boarding, kayaking, water taxis, canoeing, etc. are also pretty popular here. It’s the ideal pick for someone adventurous who loves water too.

3. Meanwhile, if you want to go hiking there’s the Pitons that we spoke of earlier and the thick forests too. There’s also the Tet Paul Nature Trail for you to explore the laps of nature in the island nation.

4. The aforementioned Pigeon Island was connected to the mainland with a manmade causeway and is both historically enticing as well as stunningly beautiful.

5. When in Saint Lucia, hit the beach beach and some more beeeach. There’s Reduit beach which will leave you swimming and splashing all day long.

beaches in Saint Lucia
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/267049452882827720/

6. The Botanical Garden makes for a nice walk in Soufrière to gaze at the tropical flowers in bloom with the nearby Diamond Falls making for a fun visit too.

How to Reach:

In order to reach Saint Lucia, you will have to take flights with two or even more layovers via London, Istanbul, Barbados or even Finland.

For Visa:


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