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Most Interesting Facts about Republic of Congo

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The Republic of Congo, or Congo Republic, is also commonly referred to as Congo-Brazzaville. This country should not be confused with Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo), which is a neighbouring country. It is bordered by Cameroon and Central African Republic to the north, Democratic Republic of the Congo to the east, Angola to the south and Gabon to the west. Congo has a coastline along the South Atlantic Ocean.

The Republic of Congo has been ruled by indigenous tribes, French people, and Congolese people in the past. With an uninhibited jungle and plethora of wildlife, The Republic of Congo is a truly amazing place to see and to visit.

Interesting Facts about Republic of Congo

1. The Congo River is the deepest river (220 m) in the world. It is also the second largest river in the world by discharge (41,000 cubic metres per second!). The river flows between the countries – Republic of Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Congo River
Source: https://answersafrica.com/

2. Congo is the only place where you can find the Bonobo. This species of chimpanzee is considered to be the closest relative to human beings.

Source: http://www.bbc.com/

3. The Congo basin rainforest is the second largest rainforest in the world. Around 70% of the country is covered by rainforest. The forest extends to the countries of Gaboo, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, and Central African Republic.

Like any other rainforest it is rich in flora and fauna. It is home to over 10,000 species of plants and is inhabited by several endangered species, such as forest elephants and mountain gorillas.

4. The Republic of Congo is home to the famous Pygmy Tribe. This indigenous tribe lives in the Congo rainforest. The people of this tribe are small of stature. The average Pygmy man is around 4ft 10in tall, whilst the average woman is around 4ft 1in tall! They are mostly forest dwellers who still practice hunting and gathering for their livelihood.

Pygmy Tribe
Source: https://www.survivalinternational.org/

5. The Nouabale-Ndoki National Park in the country is the last natural habitat on earth where you can’t identify any type of mankind’s interference and it has remained undisturbed by global changes. This has made the park earn the title of Last Eden on Earth.

Nouabale-Ndoki National Park
Source: https://africageographic.com/

6. There is a lot of cultural diversity in the country. Food habits also vary from tribe to tribe. The tribe usually is said be protected by a spirit which is known as totem (usually an animal). If a family has a totem, it cannot eat that animal.

7. The country is a major exporter of sugar, cacao, plywood, lumber, and petroleum.

Trip leader Sakshi’s Recommendations if you are visiting Republic of Congo:

Odzala National Park: One of the oldest park in the countries, it helps in the conservation of forest elephants and western gorillas. The park covers 13,600 square kilometers with three excellent camps currently operating within its vast expanse.

Odzala National Park
Source: https://www.departures.com/

Brazzaville: The capital city is bustling with colorful markets, vibrant arts and culture scene. Go for a stroll on La Corniche where you will get fantastic views of the Congo River. You should also visit The Basilica of St. Anne, one of the most religious monuments of the county famous for its architecture.

Source: https://journeysbydesign.com/

Diosso Gorge: Red rock ridges and cliffs rising steeply out of the lush green jungle, this is Diosse Gorge. You can also hike down to the bottom and have a closer look of the “Grand Canyon of the Congo”.

Diosso Gorge
Source: https://congotravelandtours.com/

Visa Procedure:

Congo (Brazzaville) Visa requirements for Indians

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