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Most Interesting Facts about Liechtenstein

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This small country in Western Europe is not as well-known as its neighbours, so, today we are finding out more!

Interesting Facts:

1. It is the 6th smallest country in the world!

2. Along with Uzbekistan it is one of the only 2 doubly landlocked countries in the world, i.e., landlocked by a landlocked neighbouring country.

3. While German is the official language, the citizens actually speak an Alemannic dialect, the Swiss Standard German. In fact, the locals themselves refer to their country as Liachtaschta.

4. The country also has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. If anyone is convicted for an offence for more than 2 years they are transferred to Austria. The rate is so low that the last murder occurred in 1997!

5. The country has no army of its own.

6. In 2007, Switzerland accidentally invaded it. However, invaded is too strong a term and used merely for technical reasons. Approximately 170 soldiers crossed the border while being armed, thus, leading to this being called an invasion. Switzerland apologized and Liechtenstein chose not to retaliate. Now isn’t that nice!

7. Annually all residents of the country are invited into the princely ancestral castle to share a beer with His Highness, the head of the state and his son. This marks the celebration on the National Day which is 15th August!

8. Ivoclar Vivadent is a company that manufactures false teeth. What’s interesting about that? Well, they produce approximately 60 million sets annually, accounting for 20% of the production annually int= the world, making this country the biggest producer of false teeth. Credit is said to also be given to Bollywood dentists!

9. The tiny country however has the second highest GDP rate in the world! It has no national debt. The GDP is greatly owed to the owner of the above fake teeth manufacturing company, Christopher Zeller.

10. The unemployment rate is just 2.1%

11. That said, most of the country’s workforce commutes to it daily from neighbouring countries! In 2016, 54% of the workforce came every day from Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

12. Following the Second World War, the then Czechoslovakia seized a significant portion of Liechtenstein’s lands including some palaces, agricultural areas and forests. Czechoslovakia was under the impression that these belonged to the defeated Germany. Later, they offered to return the appropriated assets which Liechtenstein refused and instead chose to neither recognize the Czech Republic or Slovakia as independent nations. The countries finally came to a diplomatic truce in the year 2009.

13. Naps are important! During the lunch hour, around 1:30 pm, it is frowned upon to engage in “noisy behaviour” such as mowing lawns, drilling, etc. Official notices have been issued to maintain a low noise level during this hour. Could this country get more adorable?

14. Back when the country did have an army, a troop of 80 soldiers was sent off to guard an Italian mountain pass. While they didn’t encounter any action up there, they did meet an Austrian whom they became fast friends with so much so that the troop returned with 84 men! Aww, Liechtenstein, aww. Why so cute?

15. It is not really a country but rather holds a principality status.

Author’s Recommendations:

Liechtenstein is ranked 10 of the least visited countries in the world. And while some may regard that as a reason to skip it, I think it makes it the perfect stop to pass through for some quiet and relaxing time in the middle of a jam-packed Europe trip. Not to forget that its proximity from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, makes it a convenient spot to do so. If you decide to head to this little gem, you’ll actually be surprised by the small but beautiful things you could actually see there, such as:

1. Gutenburg Castle is an example of the traditional castles found there. The Neolithic era castle, makes for a medieval escape along with the pristine chapel and pretty rose garden inside it for you to visit.

Gutenburg Castle
Source: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/liechtenstein/attractions/burg-gutenberg/a/poi-sig/1426182/360106

 2. The country has some stunning points to view the Alps. A hike through the Princess Way will allow you to enjoy the Alpine scenery and mountains. You can view the Three Sister Mountains and Alp Gaflei.

 3. The Eschnerberg Trail is another one popular among hikers visiting this country.

4. Jump into the adventure of skiing at Malbun – the country’s premier resort for snow sports!

5. The Red House in Vaduz was built in the 15th century and renovated again in the 18th. The tower amidst the greens makes for a quaint walk back to the earlier nature of Europe that is forgotten in today’s commercial zones.

6. And if castles continue to delight your heart, making you recollect fairy-tales or mysteries of history, then head to Schellenberg. Here pay a visit to the ruins of the castles of Untere Burg and Obere Burg.

7. Florin Church and Cathedral also make for a cosy little visit.

8. If quirky things pique your interest then there are the museums of Traditional Farmhouse, Calculator and Typewriter, Art Gallery, Lawena, Walser, Postage Stamp and National Museum for you to visit.

9. The small towns of Nendeln and Eschen are a treat to escape into the local art, traditional craft shops, Roman villas, etc.

10. Drive up to River Rhine for a laidback afternoon gazing at the river body surrounded by steep mountains snuggling over it.

For picnics, days in open spaces, hikes to see without many others around, castles to explore and ponder about, to read your book and have a peaceful lunch hour; for the quaint and cosy walk through Europe, Liechtenstein is your pick.

How to Reach:

Fly into Zurich, Milan or Munich from India. After landing catch a train to reach Liechtenstein.

For Visa:

For visa kindly refer to the following page on our website:


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