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Most Interesting Facts about Laos

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Laos is known for having pretty waterfalls, mountains and forests, topped off with some delicious food!

Interesting Facts:

1. Laotians are believed to be the highest consumers of sticky rice, yes, even though that form of rice is popular in that region of the continent. In fact, they refer to themselves as luk khao niaow or children of sticky rice!

luk khao niaow
Source: https://www.adventurelaos.com/sticky-rice/

2. Laos has been recorded to be the most heavily bombed place in the world. Between the 9 years duration from 1964-1973, the US forces actually dropped approximately 2 million bombs here.

3. The Vieng Xai Caves are known as the “City of Victory” because during the American bombings these limestone caves would house 20,000 Laotians to keep them safe.

Vieng Xai Caves
Source: https://www.golaos.tours/vieng-xay-cave-life-underground/

4. Coffee is not just Laos’s biggest export product but also extremely delicious. In an odd twist, the street stalls here can be found selling you coffee in plastic bags with a straw!

5. It is one of the 5 last surviving communist countries in the world.

6. Some of the biggest papayas can be found here!

Source: https://nomadicboys.com/facts-about-laos/

7. Nong Fa meaning “sky lake” is a volcanic lake which the locals believe has a snake-pig residing in its waters and thus refuse to get in the waters.

Nong Fa
Source: https://scontent.fdel27-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/s960x960/57168400_2227865034208623_3328440470027108352_o.jpg?_nc_cat=105&_nc_sid=8024bb&_nc_oc=AQkHMiHq6Ma9xPMz-ch_R90-_lPzVgtWZ-STYeO6UW3yjq4qg2f_OT5b4TPNGXuYdec&_nc_ht=scontent.fdel27-1.fna&_nc_tp=7&oh=797ba266c91f5b6760533cd3b0e372d8&oe=5ED50C5F

8. The local rice whiskey is one of the cheapest liquors in the world, with a litre of it costing just a dollar!

9. It is the only landlocked country of Southeast Asia.

10. Xiangkhoang Plateau has stone jars which are referred to as the “Plain of Jars” that people don’t know the purpose of but have been confirmed to be from the Stone Age!

Xiangkhoang Plateau
Source: https://www.ancient-origins.net/ancient-places-asia/mysterious-plain-megalithic-jars-001072

Author’s Recommendations:

1. Don Det or “4000 islands” give you the chance to enjoy the slow life by roaming around in its villages, exploring its waterfalls and “tubing” in the Mekong River.

2. Visit the Khmer temple, Wat Phu, often reckoned to be somewhat of a mini Angkor Wat. Additionally, Vientiane too houses other temples and cultural places of interest.

Wat Phu
Source: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/laos/southern-laos/tadlo/activities/full-day-the-world-heritage-site-wat-phu-lunch-city-tour/a/pa-act/v-23224P243/1314812, Wat Phu

3. For bikers, the Thakhek Loop journey spread over 4 days is a complete treat as they get to ride past rice paddy fields, villages, limestone cliffs and caves.

Thakhek Loop
Source: http://escapology.eu/2013/02/26/the-thakhek-loop-by-motorbike-3-days-through-karst-and-caves/

4. Take a boat ride around Vang Vieng which can be both a cultural and historical experience of Vientiane. You could even roam around on bikes or go kayaking and get the complete laidback trip experience!

5. Take a leisurely hike to Pousi Hill and catch the sunset.

6. The Kuang Si Falls are one of Laos’s prettiest attractions. The cascading waters, the natural pool, all make for a fun filled day.

Kuang Si Falls
Source: https://www.nomadicmatt.com/travel-blogs/kuang-si-waterfalls-laos/

7. In Bokeo experience the mountains of the rural province and their quaint way of life.

How to Reach:

You can fly to Laos with a hopping flight via Thailand or China.

For Visa:

For visa kindly refer to the following page on our website:


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